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  1. You are crazy mad. I respect you so much.
  2. A moose, a moose, Swimming in the water Eating his supper Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Honestly the best idea to remember that song. Also MY CELESTIA~!!!! <3 I know I gave you a super hard time at the convention but I always love you. It'll get worse when we cosplay Cadance and Chrysalis. I can't wait until next year.
  3. Thank god next year is JUST the Hilton! Though then there's stairs if we use both levels! Serious mad props for wearing spike heels for saturday. Oh my lord I'm not even that crazy.
  4. Hello! I'm glad to have found you on the internet! Also your derpy costume was CUTE. Hahaha, Hello we've met long ago! And not a problem. I do try.
  5. Hi there! We can be new together then! I've watched less but this crowd is really welcoming and loving! You'll fit in great with everyone! Also, that's my favorite too, without being narcissistic of course. (I love love LOVE Nightmare Moon as well)
  6. THIS CALLS FOR A USE OF THE ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE WHEN ADDRESSING OUR SUBJECTS. Or I could not. Because it's annoying and offputting. HAha! Hello, I'm Tori, 23 year old (relatively) new MLP fan. This last convention(2012) I was dressed as Nightmare Moon (Well Princess Moona on Sunday since I was without my helm). I met a lot of you fellow bronies and I have to say you ARE the best fandom! You're all so full of love and happiness, kindness and generosity! I'm definitely coming back and if anything? Watching MORE My Little Pony to connect better with all of you! Hope everyone had fun! Let's do it again! I look forward to more 3 hour games of Apples to Apples and mini parades of bronies to Denny's!