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    Greetings everypony!

    It is wonderful to be here. i was recommended this site by a close friend and even though i have only been on here for like 60 seconds tops i can already tell that this is a wonderful community. I usually frequent Equestria Daily and r/mylittlepony over on Reddit but as you surely know one can never get enough pony! I am a 20 year old male graphic design student and i found out about ponies over the summer.I had a really bad summer and was in a dark place for a while but i saw a pony post on Reddit and got curious. i am now what you might call a tad obsessed with ponies. but damn they yanked me out of that dark place right quick and now Im the happiest i have ever been.
  2. Ponifiedrants

    My Little Introduction

    Hello! And thanks for the welcome!