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    When I'm not working on pony cosplays, I play my xbox 360 and wii u. I also love to watch scyfy shows like Grimm and Supernatural.

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  1. i have yet to figure out how life works

  2. ;ast night was one of the worst nights ever. my roommate wouldnt let me sleep with her late night "noise"

    1. Undubbed Wubs

      Undubbed Wubs

      Sorry to hear that. Earplugs & White noise in the mix?



      What a delightful post to wake up to. On one hand it made me LOL while on the other it made me feel bad for you for being in such an... awkward situation.

    3. Red-Nosed Pathy

      Red-Nosed Pathy

      Kinda sounds like my night last night...only replace 'roommates' with 'mother' and 'noise' with 'facebook' or something to that nature. XD

  3. That picture is adorable! ^3^

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    2. Crystal Edge

      Crystal Edge

      *Jumps at the chance to hug keke!* (\^^/)

    3. Fleur De Lis

      Fleur De Lis

      I said "Implode", not "Steal the hug"! D:

    4. KeKe00x


      *ish hugged* X3