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  1. SCS

    Happy birthday :)

  2. Strongly tempted to write up the idea this story line has been inspiring for me... Probably won't fit for this contest, but worth writing.
  3. So I did a little google search, and came up with http://www.comixtribe.com/2012/03/26/tabling-at-your-first-comic-convention/ which has advice both for those attending and those getting a table at a con. Now I don't know about other cons, but I can tell you that Everfree Northwest is looking at a price point, for the dealer's badge, of $75 for a half table, or $100 for a full table, which includes the regular attendance cost.
  4. It's not required, but it is helpful... Let me see if I can break that down somewhat. I can only speak about my experience with Everfree Northwest, and would appreciate it if others can add additional perspectives. For the general staff members, the only requirements to be there and be helpful are for the days of the con itself; maybe a day or two before and after to help with setting up and cleaning up. Even many of the higher up staff, the people that do the actual planning, don't live in the Seattle region, but between our use of our internal staff wiki, email, and Skype, they can c
  5. Going to a con can be a lot of fun. If you're something of an introvert (like me) you may find the crowds overwhelming, but at the same time there's a large number of people there who will be interested in talking about the same sorts of things that you like talking about. WORKING a con, on the other hand, takes even more energy, but can feel really rewarding and is a great way to make new friends.
  6. Maybe if my life settles down to the point where I can spend more time here. Having grown up with a big brother, I don't find this greeting as warm and friendly as you probably intended. A large part of what I do for Everfree NW is figure out how to make things easier for the people like you, that actually move the stuff around, with the right equipment to make the moving easier, and plans that call for less moving stuff around.
  7. Sent in my application for a new apartment, waiting to hear back...

    1. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      I'll keep my hooves crossed for you!

  8. Hello all! I'm one of the recent swarm of new members that arrived when the Everfree Northwest forums merged into these, and am the Logistics Lead for Everfree Northwest 2014. So that is where you'll mostly see me on these boards; I'm going to help moderate the EFNW area, which mostly will mean pointing people at the answers to their questions, or pointing my fellow staff at issues they need to look at. As for what else is important about me, my day job is as a designer in a small engineering company, where I design control panels for industrial plants. Most of what I've worked on fall
  9. This. The new webpage and forums are much better than what we used to have, in terms of how useful they'll be. For example, they work much better on my smartphone browser than before.
  10. MetBoy

    Visual Art Tank

    Ooo, nicely done. Also nice is that I'm not the only drafter around... Is that an axonometric projection? Or did you do a full on perspective drawing with vanishing points?
  11. Not liking any of the Star Trek/My Little Pony crossovers I had come across (or at least not finding one that 'hooked' me into reading it) I decided to write my own! Set in the time of Star Trek Online, it starts with a Starfleet Commander discovering a pegasus pony in the clutches of an Orion Slaver... Equestria Trek: First Contact
  12. Gotta say, as one of the EFNW staff, I appreciate how this merge is going. It looks like most of our old posts worth keeping were copied over, and I was able to activate my account here easily. (Also, knowing we've got more forum moderators means we won't see as much of the spambots.) Anyway, I invite you all to check us out, both in our new forum and site, and in Seattle this July.
  13. At the moment, we're not opening volunteering for EFNW 2014 staff... The reasons why are long and boring. If you want to know when we do open, check the social media services at the bottom of the main page, and track/follow them. What is much less boring is YOU! What did you do for BUCK? What's your day job? What other interests/accomplishments do you have to your credit?
  14. MetBoy

    How is everyone doing?

    Still dealing with kitty withdrawal. (15 years... a very good run) But I'm keeping busy with happy stuff, which is helping me get through it to the other side.
  15. Hmmmm... A PMV contest... I think I'll give it a shot! xD Thanks! Good luck! >.> <.< And, uh. If you take requests... I'd love to see someone do a PMV of the song 'Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)' featuring either Prince Blueblood or Fancy Pants.
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