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  1. StarkTheBrony95

    Hey, guys

    Update: Why join Army after graduation when you can join National Guard now? Private Stark reporting that you guys can find me on: Tumblr Bronysquare And even on Fimfiction
  2. StarkTheBrony95

    Hey, guys

    'Sup? I was born in Oregon, raised in southern California, and now living in Montana. I'm a senior in high school with plans to go into the military after graduation. Became a brony last February, right after Super Speed Cider Squeezey 6000 came out. Luna is all around best pony and there is no arguing that fact. This'll be my first convention of any kind ever, and I'm looking forward to meeting tons of new people.
  3. StarkTheBrony95

    Hi everypony

    Wow, look at all the Oregonians. My entire immediate family, sans my baby sister, was born in Oregon. Medford, specifically.