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  1. Meeeee!!!!!!! I loved that show. Odd was my favorite lol
  2. Why wouldn't there be an episode about Derpy? That seems a lil rude, to just leave her out. She may not be part of the mane six but she's still important. I mean, they have an episode for Mr and Mrs Cake, and they aren't mane characters, but obviously they're still important.
  3. Yay! Pinkie Pie is just so freaking awesome lol And yay! New people! Nice to meet you too! ^-^
  4. Hai! I'm super excited to be here ^-^
  5. Hi everypony! I'm DaVinchii, an earth pony with a love for crafting and art of all and any kind. I found out about Everfree NW through a furry convention I went to called RainFurrest last weekend (or weekend before last now I guess) and I met some really awesome bronies who introduced me to Everfree. I'm really happy to be here and to be going to the convention next year. I just need a ride lol A lil bit bout me; I'm 20 years old, live in Vancouver Washington, studying to be a special Education teacher, and I fill my free time with crocheting little amigurumi dolls, which I sell. Lets see.. I got into MLP FIM because my friend and I were babysitting and the lil kid was crying. So we put on MLP from Netflix and they stopped crying lol so we ended up watching the entire first season together, and I fell in love with the characters and story. Especially Pinkie Pie lol she's my absolute favorite!