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  1. As I've been calling it, complete destruction. Not that my neighborhood was complaining or anything. Plenty of cheers all around when the Netherlands scored. Overall, I gotta say the World Cup has gotten off to quite the interesting start. Roller coaster game yesterday, and thrills, spills & destruction today. And with the family hosting a party tomorrow, there will be a fair bit of noise coming out of one corner of New York tomorrow afternoon.
  2. *Giggle-snort* Why should I have to choose? Any time I meet anyone online IRL, it's quite the thing. Nice to put a face & voice to the name. Of course, I don't know too many people from here. Then again, maybe I do (from Twitter & elsewhere.)
  3. All I'll say is that I'm in my 20's.
  4. Same here. Hope to see you around. Oh, you're gonna have a blast. I can guarantee that. If you wanna look me up, let me know. I know more than enough people eager to welcome one more to the party. Thanks. Saw what went down last year, so I just had to check it out this year. Thought I recognized you as well. I'll definitely remember to keep an eye out for you.
  5. So introduction away! Name's Rodrigo, also known as CityFlyer502 around the web. Pretty much on all the time on Twitter, though you can find me elsewhere on the web, as well as frequenting meetups in the New York & DC areas. When I'm not scrambling around work at Carnegie Hall or a myriad of other small jobs elsewhere, I'm trying to wrap up a flight instructor certificate, enjoy playing guitar/drums/other musical instruments, love hanging out with family & friends, and generally enjoying anything fun, fun, fun. And as I'm posting here, it should be clear that I intend on coming to Everfree this year. So, with that said, hope to see some of you around the con; old and new faces alike (and to those of you I know on Twitter that are coming, I better see you! )