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  1. Ouch... Bump the thread much?
  2. So I talked to him about that and he said it's already in mah contract.
  3. So I walk up to my recruiter and say what? "I demand/want a guaranteed rating for a job I want that I might qualify for after taking my ASVAB"?
  4. All I know is he told me that they can't guarantee that I'll get in the job I want when I first come in, but as soon as a position opens up then I'd be in it.
  5. I'm literally 10 minutes away from the sound... As for location via Seattle, I'm in Everett area so I'm North Seattle :/
  6. Yeah I filled out my SF-86, but he's going to scrap it, Job Corps is being an ass and wont release medical documentation so they are taking my (it was about a year long thing) depression and turn it into anxiety... So I get to refill it and he talked to me about all the fields and jobs that he could think of off the top of his mind.
  7. Coming from the COAST GUARD!!! lol jk I plan or want to get into the Intel section D:
  8. I'm HOPING to get into the Navy...
  9. Then I shall try it out after I study for my ASVAB :3