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  1. Grimm Cheater

    What makes you intelligent?

    What makes me intelligent? The fact that I know others are smarter then me. But I'm the one that calls them friend. We all know somethings that others do not, if we share that information. Our knowledge will grow as one.
  2. Grimm Cheater

    Music What do you listen to when you have a meltdown?

    Well I've never had a meltdown for say. But when I'm upset or angry for what ever unknown reason, I listen to white noise or snow as I call it. But that's just me.
  3. Grimm Cheater

    Sprooky Experiences.

    Someone spends to much time on 4chan? (ok ok its me.)
  4. Grimm Cheater

    Weird things your pets do

    My bearded dragon love to roll over on her back and fling sand out of her cage with her tail. Or chase my flatmates cats for no reason.
  5. Grimm Cheater

    a non Brony going to a Brony convention

    From my experiences other then the lines for vendors and panels. There is a lot of screaming, singing, and dudstep. Well at the MLP cons I have gone to. Think Comicon BUT with more ponies. (If that helps?)
  6. Grimm Cheater

    If you were immortal, would you be happy or sad?

    But then you need to think about the what ifs. * Fall in love. * Have a family. * Loss an arm/leg. * Government finding out. * The world finding out. Stuff like that could put a damper on the fun of immortality.
  7. Grimm Cheater

    If you were immortal, would you be happy or sad?

    I would probably end up like Discord. Living day by day without a care in the world. Never think upon the past for I would never need to reflect on it, to guide my future.
  8. Grimm Cheater

    Gaming Games you're "addicted" to.

    Games I'm addicted to. ZORK And anything fallout.
  9. Grimm Cheater

    Sea pony

    What ever Hasbro has planned for them. We have this SEAson and now the 5th one to look forward to. So just keep an eye out for any information on things to come.
  10. Grimm Cheater

    Moving to a New Place in 2017

    I live to close to Canada, for me to bother with it. I hope it all works out for you in the end.
  11. Grimm Cheater

    What sounds do you like?

    I'm sorry, I could not help myself.
  12. Grimm Cheater

    How and when did you become a brony?

    This sums it up to a "T" around season 1 episode 7-9.
  13. Grimm Cheater

    What sounds do you like?

    The sounds my girlfriend was making last night were parity cute (yes "thous" sounds)​ The sounds of Legos crashing around (music) Anything from Lindsey Stirling The TARDIS's parking brakes
  14. Grimm Cheater

    Has Being a Brony Changed Your Life? How?

    Has Being a Brony Changed Your Life? How? Not that I can think of. I know there are some people that get bullied for being so. (And I hate when I hear stuff like that.) I was never bullied or mistreated others but by the time I became a Brony I could fit in anywhere around where I live. My girlfriend was okay with it along with my friends and family. (Dad needed a little time to understand somethings) If anything my group of friends have increased do to the community over the web. But that's just me. I've never tried hurting anyone, so I never really made an enemy of any kind the only "enemy's" (if you can call them that) I made way before the show was even out. But we still hang out now an then do to the fact that we share mostly all the same friends. I'm really sorry if you or anyone you may know have been bullied for what you like or look like. But all I can do for anyone is lend a hand to help them out. And don't for get. That you, are awesome!!!
  15. I mostly go old school myself with paper and pencil. And I was given Photoshop and Illustrator from a friend, but that's just me. They're plenty of other programs out there. All you need to do is look around, a tablet/pen can be handy but I could never get the hang of it. I just use my hand dandy mouse and keyboarded. Good luck on your search for what works for you.