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  1. Quinnton117

    Who's going to Babscon?

    Cyclone Spynn and Golden Gates will be returning again this year. What would BABSCon be without it's lovely mascot? On a side note, if there are any other fursuiters/ponysuiters going and planning to bring your suit, I'm trying to set up a fursuit dance floor take over during one of the dances. Details to be posted as they're decided on.
  2. Quinnton117

    vendors hall?!?!?!?111

    Having someone to bring you lunch doesn't hurt either.
  3. Already got my 3-day pass. Very much looking forward to next year.
  4. What about it is giving you trouble? Could you post pictures? Also, check these resources: https://forums.furaffinity.net/forums/57-Costume-and-Apparel http://fursuit.livejournal.com/ http://www.matrices.net/default.asp
  5. I don't like it either. Why? Because I can't think of any other fandom that separates male and female fans like this. It just creates unnecessary divides and no good can come of it.
  6. If you mean yiffing the way I think you do, that statistic is a bit high. Not sure where you even got that number from.
  7. If they're hoping for a perfect fandom, they're going to be disappointed.
  8. I've personally never understood fandom on fandom bullying. When it boils down to it, all fandoms are the same. As far as the whole Bronies = Furries thing, yes, you can be a furry if you're a brony. Furries share a common love of all things anthropomorphic (Giving human characteristics to non-human creatures/things. i.e. tiny horses that can talk). However, the inverse is not true, you can't be a brony just by being a furry. Think of Furry as the meta-fandom for all things anthropomorphic and brony as another branch in the tree. The whole Anti-Brony movement that's supposed to be a bi
  9. Quinnton117

    When's the next BABSCon?

    Other conventions? No. We do however have a very active meetup group over at meetup.com if you're looking to hang out with more local Bronies. Hope you're able to make it out to the con next year.
  10. So far I've been to: Further Confusion (2012/2013/2014) Fanime (2012/2013) Califur (2013) Anthrocon (2012) Sac Brony Expo (2013) BABSCon (2014) I usually try to hit up three a year.
  11. Quinnton117

    Dates for BABSCon 2015

    Yup, early reg is already open. If it's anything like last year's reg system, this is probably the best deal unless you plan to attend any major cons around the SF bay area before then. They might have a booth and special deals at them.
  12. Quinnton117

    Babscon=epic fail?

    Considering the con DID NOT get shut down like other cons last year I'd say it wasn't nearly the epic fail some people would want to believe it was.
  13. They did do an apology at the closing ceremonies and again at the feedback panel. Your stuff is coming, but please remember a lot of your stuff came from community artists, not directly from the con's personal "Arts and Crafts" department.
  14. Glad you liked it. I'm already planning to have a Twilight done for next year.
  15. I had an amazing time and am totally looking forward to next year. Planning to have a few more ponysuits to show off.
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