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  1. i saw that there was going to be a cosplay photo shoot and i was wondering is you can just go there in your cosplay or do you have to sign up? im cosplaying as fluttershy.
  2. oh i live near merlo. oh and i have a friend that's going to acma next year,she's a really good artest. i hope i see you at everfree. when i get my cosplay all togeather il change my icon so people there will know who i am.
  3. ik there is already a form about this but what ever. i need to hang with some people during the con(besides my non brony mom :cry: ) if there are any 13-17 year old bronies i can hang with and have a good time!~ i hope i get some friends here,everytime i talk to my anime friends about ponies they get bourd
  4. i think im the youngest,im 14. (going to the con with my mom,lame!!!)
  5. im going to everfree bronycon(duh) but i have NEVER been to a con before so i was wondering if people can give me some tips about going to a con.