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  1. Hello my name is Crowley and I am here to party. :I I'm 29, a DJ and trained sound engineer, a gardener, homebrewer, foodie, colourist and a total den mother. I run the tumblr ask blog Hello? Yes, This is Winona and I would like some friends in the community. I'm from Portland and have been lured in, as it were. I work in IT and at home I'm mostly a single dad who loves to watch ponies with his daughter. Turned out some of my friends are also into ponies, so I kept watching and ended up sticking around. I've been a furry since 1998; I founded an outdoor festival of sorts a little bit like a slice of Burning Man for the fuzzies, but I'm hoping for a fresh start in a new scene and I hear you're all a pretty fantastic crowd. My policy in general has been to be kind, genuine and generous in all things, so you folks seem like a good fit. Let's be friends. I also am planning to have a nice batch of homemade hard cider (cider cider cider cider) done in time for Everfree as well, so age 21+ people are more than welcome to join me to have a drink and get to know eachother! P.S. I still lack an OC. Maybe some help making one would be appreciated!