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  1. Welcome ^__^ Name's Robby. Nice to meet you *gives huggles*
  2. Just turned 19 but have the mind of: 12 year old 16 year old 20 year old 13 year old girl All a random
  3. Hehe yeah... For me.. I'm busy working in retal (help me) and trying to get REALLY REALLY REALLY hardcore studying to make video games in Unity. And trying to fit video games in it. Social life? Twilight Sparkle Social. Can't wait to see PonyMUSH here at everfree again~
  4. Ohai ^___^ *huggles* Names Robby, nice to meet you! You staffed PonyMUSH? Yaay. I wish I had the time to check it out though, been busy busy busy recently. Can't wait to meet you this year~
  5. Yes Now to contact Alaskan bronies... We need a GIANT ponified alaskan flag
  6. *curtsey* Hello I'm a brony from Alaska named Robby, nice to meet you~ I'm gonna do a Twilight Sparkle cosplay this Everfree so yay~ More Twilight Sparkle <3 I also relate to her~
  7. (YOU FORUM BY DRAWING PICS OF WORDS I THINK....) That sounds like a nice idea. Yeah, just need to round us all up, find a good meeting place. SHow the world that Alaskan bronies exsist
  8. I'm definitely going to Everfree, so definitely. (Almost sent PM again. HOW DO I FORUM) Sounds like a good plan Maybe us Alaskan bronies whom are attending Everfree NW... We should try and get together and have a group picture
  9. Umm... Disregard the PM I sent you. I'm trying to learn how to forum again. But yes. I think that counts. Im gonna be moving down to California hopefully by the end of this year so maybe we can meetup in Everfree?
  10. *suqeezes* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *ahem* sorry for the overeacion but You know what? Alaskan bronies are hard to come by. I was essentially alone last year at Everfree when I barely made it there (600$ plane ticket round trip to Seattle back home) as I was the only alaskan brony there minus 1 other whom I never got to meet sadly. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh If my brony friend here is coming to Everfree... WE NEED TO HANG OUT AND STUFFS *Ahem* anyways My name is Robby
  11. Huzzah! Welcome friend Everfree NW will be awsome, cant wait myself
  12. Thanks for the warm Welcome <3 I know of a few here in Juneau Alaska, 3 being friends, and of the the 3 being one of my bestest, closest friend, and 1 in Wasilla thanks to Calpain. So.. Not much... I feel lonely mostly... I know at Everfree NW, I streetpassed someone on my 3DS from someone in alaska, in the HUGE room in the marriot before we lined to get our badges. I was too scared to yell out and ask who it was... EDIT: Spelled "warm" as "worm" silly me
  13. Hello. Name is Robby, I'm a brony in Juneau Alaska. I'd like to know if there are any other Alaskan bronies for pop in these forums who would love to hang out and such at this everfree, or maybe hang out IRL.
  14. Good morning fellow Bronies. My name is Robby. I'm a brony in (surprise) Alaska, Juneau Alaska, the State Capitol to be more precise. Became a brony August 2011, only weeks before Deus Ex Human Revolution came out, and my senior year of High school. One thing I realized: I'm not alone with being a brony in Alaska. Although there's a few, but not enough in Juneau Alaska. My favorite pony if Twilight Sparkle because I feel as like I'm essentially a male variation of her, and she being adorkable, and cute, and studying is fun. I attended Everfree NW last August, my very first Con, and MLP Con aswell. It was an amazing experience. Meeting a lot of fellow bronies in one place (although quite intimidating as i'm not really big on crowds of large groups of people in one area). I went with some fellow bronies I met on Twitter like @iStricer, @Mintaminapie, @saxm13 and others. Man was it amazing and worthwhile, despite me paying 700$ for the plane ticket... and only having 40$ of overall food + spending money (7/11 1$ food was a gift from our supreme princess, Luna) After lurking on here randomly on occasion, I finally got around to make an account to simply chat with y'all and hopefully meetup and hang out with others This upcoming Evefree NW (assuming I can get that weekend off assuming i'm still working where I work), and also, If any other Alaskan bronies want's to show their little heads, i'll be glad to talk and hang out if you're in my area. This is probably an overly long intro but... Stuff. Anyways, tl;dr Alaskan brony, Juneau Alaska, say hi to me, and I wanted to say Hi~