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Status Updates posted by Dark Qiviut

  1. The Bernie Sanders campaign Is lucky to have amazing advocates and surrogates. Last night, Phillip Agnew really brought out the campaign’s solidarity while Sanders was stuck in DC.


  2. Happy birthday, my fellow brony! :yay:^_^

  3. There's no doubt that Joe Rogan has said some really harmful things regarding specific minorities, especially his erasure of transgender people young and old. And there's no doubt that his ability to lend right-wing extremists like Jordan Peterson and Milo Yiannopoulos a platform without much pushback and his dislike for "PC culture" made him an icon for the cult-right, even though he's more (supposedly) left-wing ideologically.

    However, his recent support for Bernie Sanders matters, and it matters as much for the Bernie staff to put out a recent video amplifying it. A few reasons why.

    1. Joe Rogan, like it or not, is incredibly popular and absolutely influential in politics. His diverse watchers and subscribers make up a large chunk of the 200 million views he gets monthly. He's the #1 podcast. According to Rogan himself, Buttigieg, Biden, and Warren contacted him to get on his podcast, but he rejected them, preferring Gabbard, Yang, and Sanders overall.
    2. True, some places require voters to "swing" from Republican in order for a Democrat to win. Unfortunately, Democrats water down their own platform to pander to Republicans and conservatives, turning the battle from Democrat vs. Republican into Republican-lite vs. Republican. For example, after the DNC released their progressive platform, Clinton nominated Tim Kaine to be her VP; and Andrew Gillum after winning the 2018 Democratic nomination for Florida governor, only to later "soften" his healthcare stance from Medicare for All to healthcare "access" and support the failed right-wing Nicaraguan coup.

      Persuading conservatives and moderates to hop onto your progressive platform is an art, and Bernie gets it. He's honest to everyone that isn't ideologically aligned with him and confident that he can convince people to join him rather than the other way around. While he caught a lot of flak for agreeing to do a town hall on Fox News, he knocked it out of the park. If he's able to conduct a speech at Liberty University and get out of it with support, he could do an interview with Joe Rogan. Despite major social disagreements (Bernie has a strong LGBTQ record dating back to the mid-70s), he got a platform where he can break down his policies with utmost clarity and persuaded millions of viewers to support him.

      Joe Rogan's epiphany to voting for Bernie didn't come from Bernie watering down his platform. Instead, he persuaded Rogan to agree with him while staying true to his core values and morals.
    3. Until his endorsement interview with the NY Times, he had no idea what "cancel culture" is, and honestly, I can see why. :ButtercupLaugh: Seriously, he's not the type of guy to "cancel" anyone just because they have unsavory ideologies. Look up his nuanced explanation for why the left-behind appeal to racism from demagogues. (Given his family history, he understands a thing or two about demagoguery and authoritarianism firsthand.) And to be very blunt, "cancel culture" has jumped the shark long ago, turning mostly into a faction of loud, well-off white liberals masquerading as aware to "appear" woke. Who are the ones mostly trying to "cancel" Rogan and/or Sanders? You guessed it, well-off (white) liberals. The same group that damned progressives for having "purity tests" during a primary, yet created their own "purity test" by shaming Sanders and his mythical "Bernie Bros" for welcoming his support. Because of this, well-intentioned criticism of amplifying Rogan onto Bernie's platform gets drowned out with fauxrage, tokenizing the same people they claim to support.

      And I'm beginning to get disgusted with the cancel fetishization that's polluted social circles for the past year or so. You don't build tents or coalitions by shutting them out and perceiving them to be lost causes. You build tents by persuading people to joining your cause, understanding justified circles and movements better, and opening their minds. Bernie's building a multi-racial, multi-generational, working-class coalition from all walks of life with one mission: bringing people together to fight for justice for those they know and don't know. Bernie has never devolved from his own progressive, socialistic mantra, and it shows with the compassion "Not Me, Us" exudes.
    4. Just like it takes a lot of confidence into appearing in "enemy territory," it takes as much courage to change your own mind. Bernie sees people as people, and his humanism means he can see the good in people even if they don't believe it. He patiently explains his positions and waits to see if minds are changed. His confidence and trust in basic humanity means the audience can trust him back. Places like Fox News and the Joe Rogan podcast have their own bubbles, and Bernie Sanders cleverly pops that bubble while not talking down to anyone.

      Our brains like to view everything in our world as black or white, you're with us or against us. But reality is a pile of gray mush, and the shades of gray vary from person to person. It's easy to rage or treat people you dislike as lost causes, but much harder to get them to evolve and change their minds. While I don't have my own analysis anymore, Paste Magazine has its own for Gem Harvest — my favorite Steven Universe episode of the few I watched — and breaks down succinctly (and perhaps by accident) why the "deplorable" stereotype of Trump supporters (many of whom feel forgotten and abandoned by the establishment types) hurts more than helps.

      Successful persuasion is more rewarding than abandonment. Bernie has the foresight and firsthand experience to get that and stick by his convictions, even though others think this is naive. Joe Rogan's decision to "probably" vote for Bernie and how the podcast's watchers like him now reflect that conviction.
    1. Alastor


      Jordan Peterson = Right wing extremist. 

      You are the exrremist, Í am afraid.


      Honestly, I would like to be able to agree with you on something, you don't always throw in insane statements. But throwing extreme remarks like these meant to demonize and belittle legitimate people is just too insufferable~

  4. Mystery Inc’s season one finale may be the best episode so far. Everything over the season culminated into what happened. Fred’s curiosity over his mom, what happened to the old Mystery Inc., Fred’s tragic backstory, and how every bad decision by everyone caused Mystery Inc. to collapse.

  5. God, Mystery Incorporated’s season 1 finale is gut-wrenching. :( 

  6. Curt Schilling was on 70% of the Hall-of-Fame ballots during this cycle, twenty shy of the 298-vote mark to cross the 75% plateau to reach the Hall of Fame. He has two years to go, but with the ballot becoming much weaker and no one else close, he might be the only one outside of the Veterans Committee to be elected into Cooperstown next year.

    1. Megas


      Didn’t he almost plunge Rhode Island into bankruptcy? :ooh:


    1. Eren Jaeger

      Eren Jaeger

      I’m glad Walker didn’t fall short. He’s now the second Canadian in the Hall of Fame. Based on other candidates performance on this year’s ballot, I think Curt Schilling may get in next year. He shot up to 70 percent, which is a 9 percent gain of support from last year. No one else among the survivors is gaining enough voters based on last years results except some names you wouldn’t know off the bat. As for other first years, I was hoping Alfonso Soriano would last more than one year, but I’m glad Jason Giambi fell out

  8. Happy birthday! :D 

  9. …I can live without watching closeup shots of Scooby and Shaggy eating and spitting out mushed-up vegan burgers… :yeahno:

    1. Sparklefan1234


      "Is something I never thought I'd see myself type." :P

  10. Quote

    Crystal Cove Officer: *shows chopped-off piece of finger* Snappy Jack did this to me yesterday. Does this…look like something an animal would do?

    Uh, duh! I'd be shocked if a snapper didn't!

    1. Sparklefan1234



       *shows chopped-off piece of finger* Snappy Jack did this to me yesterday.


      @Dark Qiviut


      Was Snappy Jack jealous the Crystal Cove Officer had fingers to snap & he didn't? :P

  11. Episode 8 of Mystery Inc.

    Theater showing man wanting to spend more time with his schnauzer instead of girlfriend.


    Velma: I so know how she feels.


    1. Sparklefan1234


      Velma's mean in this show...I love it! :laugh:

  12. 7/52 eps finished. So far, the latest is my favorite Mystery Incorporated episode thanks to its intertwined conflict between Fred and Daphne.

  13. On to Ep. 7 of Mystery Inc. Aside from the creepy art style, this version of Scooby Doo has some other differences that make it pop.

    1. The whole gang feels way more fleshed out, from Scooby being more protective and cute to Freddy being an adorable dork. They’d not talking cardboard boxes, but characters with real motives.
    2. Scooby talks a lot more in this incarnation compared to other series. Not just exclamations or repeats, but full sentences.
    3. The chases are a lot scarier with real stakes.
    1. Sparklefan1234


      HAHAHAHA! tenor.gif?itemid=5005330

  14. >Freddy fallin’ in love with the volleyball nets instead of the girls playing the game

    ”They’re nylon. Absolutely perfect for traps!”


    1. Sparklefan1234


      The definition of "one-track mind". 

      It's like they're making fun of Freddy's  only job in the original series was to say "Let's split up, gang.". 

  15. Long ago, @The Coffee Pony recommended Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated. Now onto episode 3!

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Great show! Never did finish it, though. :sunny:

  16. This feeling of betrayal and anger from Sanders supporters at Warren is far more different than their contempt for Hillary. Yes, she wasn't well-liked at all, but Hillary had a reputation of not being the nicest politician, and everyone knew she was a centrist. All campaign long, she had to be pushed leftward. How is it different from Warren?

    1. She and Sanders are considered to be giant, longtime allies and friends. Despite differences in various policy, they're part of the Democratic Party's progressive wing.
    2. Despite some friction and shots by the surrogates late last year, it never got too far, and neither Sanders nor Warren were disrespectful to each other. In fact, after Sanders returned to the trail, both sides became cordial again.
    3. During past debates, both of them held their pact while going after others and defended each other when needed. Recall Bernie's billionaire contribution jab to Biden and Buttigieg last month; this was after Buttigieg strawmanned her.
    4. Slowly, Warren crept more and more rightward in her policy rhetoric. Waffling on Medicare for All to attach two separate bills in order for it to become law (then using the Big Pharma "choice" talking point, and not referencing M4A at all last night).
    5. Many Sanders supporters not only saw her as a solid #2 candidate should he lose, but also donated to her campaign. Hell, the winning progressive was likely going to pick the loser as the VP or some other cabinet position.
    6. Primaries can get dirty and ugly in a hurry, but for the Warren camp to leak a lie about Sanders, whose impeccable honesty transcends politics, and treat him as a misogynost was extremely stunning. No one expected the Warren camp to play the dirtiest tactic in a Dem presidential primary in quite some time.

    And how rich for affluent liberals (most of whom are white, Warren's main primary demographic) to richsplain and tone-police Bernie supporters for feeling so bitter. Yeah, you got the healthcare, and you're gonna be fine, but Bernie's working-class supporters don't have the privilege like you do.

  17. u know CNN’s tonight’s biggest loser when almost 50k tweets with the hashtag #CNNisTrash is trending nationwide…

    1. TheRockARooster


      CNN = Crappy News Network?

  18. debates winners, okays, and losers:

    1. Steyer (handled himself really well)
    2. Biden (only hit at once early, but skated by)
    3. Sanders (had some substantive answers, but he stumbled more than normal and felt unprepared at times. his mic was too soft, too, but i don't blame him for that)
    4. Klobuchar (nothing too memorable, but did okay)
    5. Warren (didn't help herself at all to help bridge Sanders's supporters, most of whom had her their second choice)
    6. Buttigieg (black voters distrust him to a great degree, and i think his answer to that q regarding it will hurt him more)
  19. i've never seen a dem presidential debate this awful in my life! :Cozy:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      @Aangel Dust yeah, they're not good, but good god, the framing of every q was an ultra-right, trumpish talking point, more so than past debates. and they covertly showed hostility towards bernie here.

    3. Cwanky


      There's also the obvious logistical challenges of these debates. There's 6 candidates sharing the stage still and they likely only have about 2-3 minutes to articulate and sell their arguments and points. Until the debates narrow further down to 3-4 candidates don't expect much substance. You're better off following Twitter.

    4. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      @Cwanky the debates between clinton and sanders were much better for the reasons you gave. two ppl exchanging their ideological differences.

  20. Lemme get this straight! Bernie Sanders…

    1. Fought for women’s rights since before the Roe v. Wade decision!
    2. Stated at least twice in the ‘80s that he wants not only more women in office, but a woman president!
    3. Has a 100% record on abortion.
    4. Wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment.
    5. Has a close friendship with Warren and similar legislation record.
    6. Lobbied Warren to run in 2015 and only decided to run for president himself when she declined.
    7. Campaigned aggressively for Hillary Clinton, making 39 campaign stops to rally supporters to elect her over Trump.
    8. Never attacked Warren in any way throughout this campaign, even going as far as sticking true to their pact and defending her during debates.

    And in a span of two days, Warren decided to not only burn bridges with Sanders (and reinvigorate the false “Sanders is divisive” talking point from four years ago), but double down on what looks like a lie by the campaign and published by CNN (the host of tomorrow’s debate) claiming that Sanders told her directly that he doesn’t think a woman’s ready to be president? Sorry, not buying it!

  21. …Seriously? Last year, Daniel Farrands released The Haunting of Sharon Tate, a movie so atrocious and offensive that one could argue it's the worst American-released film of 2019.

    Now he doubles down with The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, a movie that Chris Stuckmann claims is worse! Wow…

    P.S.: I haven't watched either film, and I never will, and I think there's enough detail in both to form a judgment over them.

    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Honestly, Tarantino was more tasteful about Sharon Tate's murder. :dry:I

      And I like Tarantino and his exploitation film style.

  22. extra-e1433355817597.jpg?w=564&ssl=1

    Warren campaign, tsk-tsk-tsk, keep falling for all that manufactured consent, eh?

    1. Waffled on Medicare for All after Buttigieg and the media cornered you for not figuring out "how to pay for it"? Check.
    2. Waffled on your response to Soleimani's assassination? First after progressives called you out for 1980's, right-wing talking points, and then after Meghan McCain baited you? Check!

    Now you make a fundraising pitch long after the record on a forged Bernie volunteering script was corrected. Why? Because this fake script (Sanders' team forbids volunteers from campaigning negatively against other candidates) dared to mildly:

    1. Refer to you as Sanders supporters' second-preferred candidate.
    2. Critique your base for having an older, affluent, college-educated, and second-most white coalition (first being Buttigieg) of the top four candidates, and will likely vote Democratic no matter the nominee.

    OMG, what a scandal! *smh* Warren campaign, grow some thicker skin.

  23. Luna and Celestia’s visit to Ponyville’s post office remains super adorable! :ph3ar:

    1. Sparklefan1234


      That is my favorite Princess Luna moment EVER! image.png