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  1. 4 hours ago, Graceful Stiles said:

    In Perfect Pear, when Big Macintosh asks if he can return to Burnt Oak sometime to hear more stories.

    My top moment of Season 7. Big Mac didn’t speak much, so when he did, you listen. Asking Burnt Oak if he can hear more stories of his late dad strikes the viewer to the core, because it really shows how much his parents’ legacy means to him.

    A good chunk of my favorite moments tend to be the smaller ones or moments that lead up to them.

    • While the CMCs getting their cutie marks was amazing in itself, what helped lead it was them deciding to check on Diamond Tiara’s well-being after falling out with Silver Spoon. For a long time, they withstood all the bullying she made them endure, yet at her lowest moment, they were worried about her and wanted to help her.
    • Amending Fences is Twilight’s best episode, but that wouldn’t have happened without events like her original apology to Minny, Twinkleshine, and Lemon Hearts. These three folks worked with Moondancer, helped arranged her party, and extended her invitation to Twilight through them. To them, this was just how they knew Twilight and never saw it as a lingering deal. OTOH, Moondancer’s wounds were much deeper, as she never opened herself up that much before. Her rejection of Twilight caught everyone by surprise, and the puzzle was put together over The next two acts.
    • Applejack staring at the front window as two shooting stars flung by the sky is my favorite moment of the show. During this moment, Granny told Apple Bloom that she was lucky many family members were able to make it to this upcoming reunion and that they may not make it next time. The fact that she said it makes it poignant. Many from her time are getting old and may not live for the next reunion. AJ’s parents are dead, and the stars indicate that. Put it all together, and you begin to understand why she dedicated herself to making the reunion so grand.
    • Shadow Play is the best two-parter of the show and one of the five best episodes, but that wouldn’t be the case had the Map not called the RM6 to the Hollow Shades, the best plot twist of the entire series. For the first four acts, more and more pieces of this complex plot were beginning to be put together, but as it developed, Haber and Dubuc swerved us by having this Map call for a friendship problem? Why would the Pony of Shadows be related to the Map? This led to Starlight Glimmer beginning to question everyone’s decision to battle and interject herself as the investigator to why the POS and the Pillars are so connected in the first place. Without that plot twist, this transition to include Starlight makes no sense. This clue puts everything together into one cohesive, and amazing, story.
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  2. Honestly, it worries me. So many shows have that hyper and silly atmosphere and all the characters have a similar silliness that the comedy gets shallow and bland following a first watch. No, I don't expect it to be anywhere nearly as good and impactful as FIM. Currently, anything above decent surpasses my expectations. However, most of the synopses show some promise; if they execute them well…y'got my attention. :D

  3. Watched all but three: Over a Barrel, Games Ponies Play, and McColts (the first few minutes only). Aside from that, I saw every episode at least once! :mlp_yeehaa:

    5 hours ago, AppleBolt ️ said:

    I’ve watched season 1-7.  Haven’t watched 8-9 yet, but am planning on it.  

    Maybe it's me being a big fan of both seasons (eight in particular), but once you get the chance to see them, I think you're gonna have a great time. :D

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  4. Worst food: Grits. Bland, disgusting, they-make-raw-tofu-more-flavorful grits. I have no why any Southerner would like to eat something that even the deep fryer can't make good.

    Worst drink. Any "drinkable" alcohol. I don't care what alcohol it is, whether it's an American beer or some special wine, I'm gonna hate it and wear it in pride. 

    But the worst thing I ever tasted? This shit!


    WHY THE FUCK does cough syrup have to taste like dead vomit?! :scoots:

  5. S1: After some rough sports early, it got going once DHX found its way, ending the season with a fantastic run. Party of One's excellent, Best Night Ever the best episode for several years.

    S2: Continued from where S1 left off with a stretch of really great episodes. Sisterhooves Social, which concluded this stretch, is the best episode that season. Additionally, this season feels a little more ambitious compared to S1, either due to comfort, the lack of E/I rating, or both.

    S3: Within a dull, rushed season, four really good episodes, including Dash's apex in Wonderbolts Academy.

    S4: Despite not being so high on it as others, give them credit for having the confidence to push forward mature themes and messages. RTM's of not letting a bad experience cause you to abandon your best quality is excellent and remains my favorite from this season. Also, Testing Testing is magnificent.

    S5: The highest of the highs here. Cutie Map, Slice of Life, Amending Fences, Lost Mark, and Re-Mark are among the show's best. Throughout this season, the show left its mark in really impactful ways. Starlight being reformed and welcomed by Ponyville and the Mane cast, Gilda getting her due, SoL with a really solid story and moral, Diamond Tiara plucking up courage to confront her abusive mother, and the CMCs capping Part 1 of their arc with their marks.

    S6: DHX's writing of Spike, giving him the momentum and consistency he sorely needed.

    S7: Some of the best episodes of the series takes place here. Glideance, M&R, Shadow Play, PERFECT PEAR! After a lull with some average and the series' final atrocity (F&M), Haber's return as an editor really sparked the show, as it went into a "Both-Sides-Have-a-Point" direction that made the conflicts much more interesting and fresh.

    S8: The dialogue here's much tighter and wittier. Dialogue-driven comedy and storytelling liven the conflicts. Second half had a stretch of episodes that (minus one) were from good to outstanding. The five-episode streak from Road to Friendship to Sounds of Silence is the best run FIM ever had. Dash has her two best episodes of the series. Cozy Glow's outstandingly written. Also the most fun I ever had watching the show; I LOVE this season! :mlp_yeehaa:

    S9: The villain trio earned their stripes as the most dastardly beings in the Realm. Purposely spreading rumors to divide the tense relationship between the three pony tribes, starting a coup against Equestria, stealing Grogar's magic for themselves, kidnapping Twilight's friends, threatening to maim Spike, and attempted murder. A large chunk of S9B's about the characters becoming what being their Elements don't expect them to be, but aside from 246G, they range from serviceable (Trivial) to great (Dragon Dropped). Sparkle's Seven's hilarious and clever. Big Mac Question's one of the best of the series. Last Problem magnificently closes the series.

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  6. Being American, Angelis was never part of my childhood, but he was to all the British Thomas fans out there. He narrated for the show for thirteen seasons over a 21-year span. Kids in the UK who watched Thomas grew up with his soothing voice. He will be greatly missed. :( 

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  7. 35 minutes ago, FlareGun45 said:

    You forgot Spike being ambassador! He too has been busy all the time! The episode seems to hint they don't see eachother alot.

    That's a good point. And outside of Twilight, Spike has the most difficult job. Juggling with maintaining established peace and forging new ones takes a lot of work, and he has the rep and skills to handle it.

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  8. As far as FIM’s concerned, nope. FIM proved it can be really good and built that rep in the first place. If I lowered my own standard, then I put no faith in them. I may expect an episode to suck here or here, but my standard of quality never wavered.

  9. On 3/20/2019 at 12:34 PM, IronM17 said:

    Here a self made vector of the next big super star in the Neighville country music scene, miss Pear Butter. 


    Picture on DeviantArt

    I may be replying a year later, but this a really nice vector. ^_^ She really acts like she enjoys taking part in playing country music.

    I saw this vector a day or two ago of Pear Butter with her kids. It's simple, but lovely and really shows her as a great mom.



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  10. 2 hours ago, YoungJustice12334 said:

    1&2...but after being offered unconditional friendship & forgiveness, following a really lame backstory to explain all her "villainy"...basically, it just being that she was salty that her childhood friend got his cutie mark first and moved away,

    You’re viewing Starlight’s reasons shallowly. Sunburst was not just her closest friend, but her only friend, and we’re friends for a while. Then, during some freak accident, God gave him a mark, causing a town celebration that sent him away. Circumstances beyond her control caused the divide. Recall how she never blamed anyone but the cutie mark magic. Cutie marks were a trauma trigger. As an adult, it looks ”ridiculous,” quoting TS, but as a child, that pain can warp your worldview for the rest of your life.

    Twilight was sensitive to her pain, as any respectable leader should. Instead of bellowing about how her pain doesn’t matter, she treated her as an equal. Starlight had the upper hand and the choice whether to believe her or destroy the scroll. That hoof from Twilight was comfort, an offer to heal lifelong wounds. She accepted.

    2 hours ago, YoungJustice12334 said:

    Her character now consisted of being some OP goodie-two-shoes who pretty much stole Twilight's role now as the "snarky nerd" of the group

    Starlight’s her own character. Despite sharing that snarky ‘tude at times, she’s also blunt, complacent, doesn’t think of the consequences, and has a terrible temper. Yes, her magic and knowledge of magic are otherworldly, but her temper problem, difficulty with impulse, a decency on magic, and major issues with uncertainty greatly affected the conflict, her personal relationships, and her own behavior.

    2 hours ago, YoungJustice12334 said:

    How can anyone like the character?

    Trixie is consistently charismatic. She hams herself up so much that her arrogance becomes very appealing. Nevertheless, she cares for Starlight a lot (and stood up for Gallus to Grandpa Gruff).

    2 hours ago, YoungJustice12334 said:

    If I was Twilight, I wouldn't be able to tolerate an annoying smug-ass like Trixie myself.

    Twilight doesn’t have to like her, but after openly forgiving her for her villainy, she had no reason to immediately suspect that TGAP Trixie was up to no good. Claiming to trust Starlight, she tried to sabotage her attempts to befriend Trixie throughout, artificially causing more problems.

  11. @ShadOBabe I see why I got that surprise mention. :laugh:

    Hilda and Gravity Falls would make a killer crossover! Both shows have similar art styles, use supernatural and horror, and have a very strong emphasis of family (Hilda and her mom, Johanna; and Mabel and Dipper and Grunkle Stan).

    Oh, and GF’s theme works very well with Hilda’s intro.


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  12. 1 hour ago, ShootingStar159 said:

    Why is it okay for her to believe that Spike and Twilight are still friends, but Starlight and Twilight still being friends is what makes it ridiculous.

    Luster’s very familiar with Twilight and Spike and saw them them together often. Now that Twi and Starlight are very busy in two different cities, they haven’t spent much time seeing each other, either. It’s no different than Twilight not being able to see the RM5.

    1 hour ago, ShootingStar159 said:

    And why would Starlight tell Luster about the rest of the main six?

    Twilight and her friends are the seven most important people in her life. They could’ve justifiably banished her away from Equestria, but they all agreed that teaching her true friendship’s better. Their patience with and presence around her helped shape her into becoming the pony she is today. Without all of them, she would never have able to take charge in her own life. If she was her mom, it makes no sense for her to omit them or their impact in any way.

    1 hour ago, ShootingStar159 said:

    In fact, she could have a room in the palace just like a Twilight did, with the castle staff or a hired caretaker to look out for her.

    Probably not during long times of recess. When school’s out for the summer, she likely won’t live on castle grounds. The School of Friendship’s closed for break; the same logic applies to Luster and hers.

    1 hour ago, ShootingStar159 said:

    This episode demands that either Twilight completely cut her friends out of her public life, 

    No, Twilight never cut them out of her life nor did TLP suggest it. Everyone’s so busy and have very important lives that interact with communities from an international level they can’t spend time beyond the once-a-moon randezsvous or enemy emergency.

    • Fluttershy’s maintaining a growing animal sanctuary and works there full time.
    • Dash captains the Wonderbolts.
    • AJ is a full-time aunt on top of leading Sweet Apple Acres.
    • Pinkie Pie’s a mom and needs help running Sugar Cube Corner with the Cake twins and Cheese Sandwich.
    • Rarity’s fashion brand’s global, and because she had to travel from Yakyakistan to see Twilight And Yona & Sandbar live and work in Canterlot Boutique today, she likely doesn’t live in Equestria anymore.
    • Starlight runs the highly reputable School of Friendship.
    • Twilight leads a massive country, maintains strong international relations, teaches in a prestigious school, and raises/sets the sun and moon. By far the busiest of the Mane cast.

    Aside from Twilight, the CMCs, and maybe Starlight, they don’t teach anymore. That’s how busy life is in the Realm. 

    The purpose for her decree was so Twilight and her friends were able to meet up, even for one day per lunar cycle, and not lose touch. Their lives changed over the years, but they remain friends and budget their time to keep their promises.

    By not seeing the rest of Twilight’s friends, Luster’s suspicions are merited. She had reason to believe that friendship didn’t matter. Princess Twilight’s and Spike’s personal recap of what happened leading up to and at the coronation as well as arranging the meeting to be at the time of rendezvous proactively teaches her that not being around them all the time doesn’t mean they’re no longer close.

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  13. Character-wise, gotta go with Pear Butter. Sweet, wholesome, sang one of the most beautiful love songs ever, and really caring. Despite the feud between the Pears and Apples, she has a very strong, independent morale, and it took a lot of courage for her to tell her father she’s staying with Bright Mac.

    7 minutes ago, Will Guide said:

    Good mother? Chrysalis? Nonsense. After leaving her "children" to starve all the time? I don't think so. She was an abusive person who groomed her "children" to be deceitful and put herself on top. She even tried to suck the love and life energy out of Thorax, the one who made me see Changelings as more than just monsters.  She doesn't even know what real love is. Just how to exploit it for selfish gain.

    Real love is mutual and caring between the people involved. It's the reason the true mutual love between Shining Armor and Cadance made Shining Armor's protection spell strong enough to send the Changelings blasting off again.

    Yeah, I have to agree with you here. Chrysalis has always been abusive and egomaniacal. The fact that Thorax has a questioning opinion of Chrysalis’s thirst for conquest is enough for her to dump him. For her, “love” is just a platter to feast on. Even if she truly knew what real love is, she’s so defiant and stuck in her ways that she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her vision, consequences be damned. After Starlight and her gang of misfits saved Equestria, she never took responsibility for her own actions, instead rejecting Starlight’s help in exchange for a lust for vengeance. While being a caring mother’s really good fandom material, it doesn’t feel in character for her to do so canonically.

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  14. StarBurst is a great ship. They have very believable chemistry together in a friendly way and care very deeply for one another. It makes a lot of sense.

    However, as interesting as the fanonical idea is Luster Dawn being Starlight and Sunburst’s daughter, I just can’t see her being one without really reworking TLP. Luster doesn’t believe in the Magic of Friendship due to a lack of understanding. While at Twilight’s school, she never saw her with anyone other than Spike, enforcing her theory that friendship fades away, all the while not having any idea that friendship takes work to maintain. Additionally, she has no strong connection with anyone Twilight knows outside of Spike; until TLP, they were basically strangers to her, and she had no apparently strong knowledge of Ponyville.

    42 minutes ago, ShootingStar159 said:

    Says who? She could have been accepted to Twilight/Celestia’s school at a young age, and grown up in Canterlot. And there’s nothing stopping Starlight and Sunburst’s vacationing in Canterlot so Luster doesn’t have to leave her home in Canterlot.

    Twilight was born and raised in Canterlot, so the School for Gifted Unicorns is convenient for her. When school’s not in session, Luster would be making herself home with whatever family she has. Starlight and Sunburst live in the tightly knit Ponyville, and so do most of the Young Six and most of the Mane Eight. If Luster was their daughter, Starlight and Sunburst would’ve raised her, let her know that Twilight is still close friends with her and everyone else, and at least one of them outside of Twi, SG, and Sunburst would have some level of bonding with them.

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  15. Hmmmmm…

    Every single character listed in the poll can be considered a role model for children. Each of them has their strengths to show how good they are as people, yet they all have issues that cause problems for them to correct. How these kids respond to their actions is individual. Nobody regardless of age sees a character exactly the same.

    To be honest, it really comes down to personal preference; since FS’s my favorite, I’m picking her.

  16. Durian ice cream. Pale yellowy in color, it carries the well-earned reputation of the King of Fruits. Flavor-wise, it tastes like a raw onion, which is an acquired taste. (I personally like it. ^_^ ) The smell? Like rotten garbage. Now, its smell isn't that strong, but the odor's pungent enough that the people working behind the counter keep a lid on it at all times. :laugh: