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  1. Usually, when the alert at the bottom of the browser showed that forum thread I was on updated, clicking on "Show Reply" or leaving it alone will allow it to disappear. However, each time I clicked on "Show Reply" or left it alone, the notification never went away.

  2. Spitfire & Fleetfoot: Lying to Soarin, whose wing had already healed and was only waiting in the hospital wing until they came to get him out, in order to have Dash replace him on the Cloudesdale aerial relay team.

    Rainbow Dash & AJ: Already said — disregarding the safety of their students as they canoed down a rocky part of the river. You'd think the safety of their students would come first. Instead, Yona almost drowned because of their stupidity!

    For a Dash-only secondary example, pranking Fluttershy in 28PL. Lemme get this straight. You KNEW one of your closest friends really hates being pranked. You once stopped yourself when Pinkie made you realize it was not a good idea. Yet in the dark night, you prank her and scare the bejeezus out of her, and you DON'T regret it?! C'mon, man!

    Fluttershy: Threatening to throw Smoky & family out of Rarity For You. No. Just no. No matter what alter ego she puts herself under, her love for animals comes first. Why were Smoky, Softpad, and Smoky Jr. allowed to stay in the store? Because that store was their home, and the ReMane Six agreed that they live there. You'd think this would be on her mind, especially after admitting at the end to pretending to be other personalities.

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  3. On 1/5/2021 at 10:10 PM, WHWallace said:

    Turning people into self-aware stone should be viewed as war crime evil; way less humane than killing them. Wtf Celestia? Impossible to view her as totally benevolent after that.

    On those grounds, the Terrible Trio's punishment is more than justified based on the sum of these reasons:

    1. Overthrowing the Equestrian monarchy.
    2. Capturing royalty, the majority of Celestia's & Luna's successors, the Pillars of Magic, the headmare of a school with Equestria's strongest international relations, and Discord.
    3. Conspiring with each other to turn the three pony tribes against each other and further help collapse the country, accidentally triggering the revival of the windigoes.
    4. Stealing the most powerful magic (the late Grogar's) and using both that and his bell as weapons against Equestria's leaders.
    5. Attempting to assassinate the Mane Six & Spike.
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    1. Reaction selector is invisible/white.
    2. Banner way too small.
    3. User function typography in the upper right-hand corner is in its default color (black).
    4. All the links/hyperlinks are in their default color (black) unless the cursor hovers above them.
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  4. Quote

    ATLANTA -- Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro has died at the age of 81.

    Niekro passed away in his sleep on Saturday night. The suburban Atlanta resident had a longtime battle with cancer.

    Niekro was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1997. The iconic knuckleballer collected 318 wins over a 24-year career that included stints with the Braves (1964-83 and '87), Yankees ('84-85), Tribe ('86-87) and Blue Jays ('87). He was a five-time All-Star and five-time Gold Glove Award winner who finished within the top six in National League Cy Young Award balloting five times from '69-82.

    “Phil Niekro was one of the most distinctive and memorable pitchers of his generation," MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said. "In the last century, no pitcher threw more than Phil’s 5,404 innings. His knuckleball led him to five All-Star selections, three 20-win seasons for the Atlanta Braves, the 300-win club, and ultimately, to Cooperstown.

    “But even more than his signature pitch and trademark durability, Phil will be remembered as one of our game’s most genial people. He always represented his sport extraordinarily well, and he will be deeply missed. On behalf of Major League Baseball, I extend my condolences to Phil’s family, friends and the many fans he earned throughout his life in our National Pastime.”


    Affectionately nicknamed "Knucksie," Niekro's the best knuckleball pitcher of all-time, and his résumé backs it up.

    • His 318 wins is the most by a knuckleballer. Over the course of his 24-year career, he compiled a 162-game average of 14-12 (averaging 233 innings) with a career 3.35 ERA.
    • He pitched in 864 games and started 716 of them (all but one after turning 28 years old), his first in 1965 when the Braves were still in Milwaukee.
    • His 716 starts is fifth-most all-time. The only ones ahead (from #4-1) are all Hall of Famers: Greg Maddux, Don Sutton, Nolan Ryan, and Cy Young.
    • He logged in 5404 innings, fourth-most all time and the most in the live-ball era (1920-present). Only Walter Johnson, Pud Galvin, and Cy (#3-1) have more.
    • At the time of retirement, his 3342 strikeouts were seventh-most all-time. Since then, four pitchers (Bert Blyleven, Clemens, Randy Johnson, & Maddux) passed him.
    • Pitched his only no-hitter in 1973.
    • For a starting pitcher or position player, 60 Baseball-Reference WAR (aka, bWAR) makes you a considerable candidate for the Hall of Fame. He finished his career with 95.9 bWAR; his 97.0 pitching bWAR is 11th-most all time.
    • During his peak from 1974-79, he achieved the following:
      • Averaged 7.9 WAR per season, including an even 10.0 in 1978.
      • Went 108-97 and averaged a 3.21 ERA (good for 125 ERA+).
      • Led the NL in wins twice.
      • Led the NL or majors in complete games four times (1974, '77-'79).
      • Pitched 300 or more innings four times ('74, '77-'79). From 1977-'79, he pitched 330.1, 334.1, and 342 (!) innings, respectively; he's the last pitcher to throw 300+ innings in consecutive seasons. (No pitcher has thrown 300+ regular-season innings since Steve Carlton in 1980.)
      • Led the majors in starts four times (1977-'80), including a three-year stretch ('77-'79) of 43, 42, & 44 games started, respectively. Since then, only one other pitcher (knuckleballer Charlie Hough in 1987) started at least 40 games.
    • After he turned 40 on April 1, 1979:
      • Won 121 games after the age of 40, a record.
      • Pitched 1977 innings.
      • Started 294 games.
      • Struck out 1148 batters.
      • Threw 62 complete games, including a MLB-high 23 in 1979.
      • Was an All-Star in 1982 and 1984 (the latter at age 45); he had five altogether.
      • Won four of his five Gold Gloves after turning 40.
    • Holds the record for being the oldest pitcher to throw a complete game (June 25, 1987 at 48 years old). At the time of his retirement, he was the oldest to pitch a shutout (at 46 years & 188 days old to get career win #300; more on that below), which would be eclipsed in 2010 by Jamie Moyer.
    • Although he was known for his knuckleball, in Niekro's last start for both the Yankees and the 1985 season altogether, he relied mostly on fastballs and changeups to a woozy Toronto Blue Jays' B-squad (the team won their first AL East title the day before while playing their best players, so they were all [hung over ;)] on the bench). He didn't throw one until the final pitch of the game, notching his 300th win:

      (It was also his 45th and final shutout of his career.)
    • The last player born in the 1930s, before the start of WWII, and the third-to-last in the Silent Generation (behind Greg Nettles and Tommy John) to play in the Major Leagues.
    • The Braves retired his #35 in 1984 (while he was still playing) and was elected to the Hall of Fame on his fifth ballot in 1997.

    You can read more of his great facts here: https://www.mlb.com/news/phil-niekro-career-statistical-breakdown

    Phil wasn't the only Niekro knuckleballer. His younger brother, Joe, won 221 games and a championship in 1987 with the Twins. At 539 career wins, the Niekro brothers have the most combined wins by any pair in baseball history.

    This man's one of the greatest players of all-time, and he'll be missed. RIP, Knucksie.

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  5. Quote

    1. Who was the worst big bad?

    Well, since Sunset Shimmer isn't here, my pick goes to The Storm King. Out of all the villains in the main canon, he's the least memorable.


    2. Who was the worst minor antagonist?

    Garble takes the cake just for his appearance in Dragon Quest as a stereotypical bully. Dragons like him broke the dragon lore in the show so badly that WildBrain barely sniffed at the idea of dragon biology until four years later. (He was better in Gauntlet & Shadow Play, but they don't remove DQ's vile stench. :yuck:)

  6. Her fright is a lot more than mere wimpiness. She has to overcome a phobia that literally affects everything about her and around her, whether it's her ability to connect to others or obstacles that literally trigger her stage fright. It took several seasons for her to finally break through and become self-assuring.

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  7. The fandom doesn't deny the credit everyone else from DHX deserved over its ten-year run. Larson, AKR, Renzetti, Haber, Big Jim, Dubuc, and so many others really helped develop the show, its characters, lore, etc. FIM was a total team effort that never lost its mojo. However, Faust also deserves a whole lotta credit. Hasbro asked her to help turn MLP into something worth watching, and her vision of a high-quality, family-friendly cartoon that did not talk down to young girls became fulfilled.

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  8. I think it's equal. As Twilight grew and became groomed to lead Equestria, Spike became more independent and sure of himself. Twilight's studiousness is balanced by Spike's ability to keep track of things and maintain stability. Conversely, Princess Twilight cannot manage the kingdom alone; Spike understands the nuances of the Magic of Friendship just as equally as she does, therefore breaking through barriers across cultures, lands, establishing new relations, and maintaining old ones.

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  9. This is just one reason how impactful Alex Trebek and Jeopardy! have been on people.

    Jeopardy! is one of the all-time best game shows, and Alex Trebek is an icon. Really heartbreaking to find out he’s gone. :( He’ll be greatly missed.

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Thuja said:

    This is the same man who just left a bunch of supporters out in the cold,


    10 minutes ago, Kyoshi said:

    I'll say this before the thread gets locked; The Trump admin. is the total opposite of unity and accepting people.

    Trump's a frickin' fascist. He intentionally sows division and conspiracy theories and always blames "the other."

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  11. All four are great, but I have to go with Shadowsan. He has the experience from within VILE that he completely understands their tactics and tricks from inside and out and sees Carmen as a daughter figure. With her real father fatally shot, he feels responsible for her safety. His arc in Season 2 was figuring out that Carmen can trust him. As what S3 showed, they trust each other now and use their strengths to one-up VILE.

    11 hours ago, Will Guide said:

    Plus about Chase Devineaux:



    I'm glad that they're starting to rerailing him to realize that Carmen is not just a common crook. 

    Plus as shown in season 2, he managed to figure out where the original VILE HQ was hiding in just a short time compared to the 20 years ACME  spent hunting them down. Sure he arrived a week late after VILE has already abandoned the Island and got himself stranded. But still it proved that when he does stop and think about it, he actually can accomplish something 



    How they handled Devineaux this past season was brilliant.


    The longest time, this comic relief stubbornly believed Carmen was up to no good. In many respects, he inadvertently convinced Chief and ACME as a whole to suspect Carmen is equally part of the heists. Now that Julia Argent's taking a leave of absence, he now fills her role, and it becomes clearer as Zari is more certain she's up to no good. His chase in Venice is his most tenacious one yet, all the more adding further weight when he realized that Carmen was setting a trap for the VILE flunkies and saving the city's treasures from their hands.


  12. 20 hours ago, PCutter said:

    Oh really how about hating the episode because of who's really guilty? There's even a reddit thread about it.  

    Are you talking about this one? If it is, I'm not seeing anyone hating on it. The OP merely suggested a theory.

    Also, Pizza Delivery isn't just one of the most beloved Spongebob episodes, but fans and critics alike consider it one of the best of the entire series.

  13. Dittoing @Concerned Bystander, @Ittoni, and @Will Guide above. Cozy Glow's villainy was very subtle throughout Season 8. You didn't know what she was doing, but she had some type of plan to achieve what she wanted, and her manipulation skills are very mature for a character of such an age. Secondly, think about what would've happened if Cozy successfully destroyed all magic in Equestria. No one would be able to rotate the planet, manipulate the weather, grow crops, and live.

    Second on this list is Starlight due to her actions as Our Town's autocrat. Brainwashed everyone who was there — even when they wanted nothing to do with the town, suppressed their magical abilities, made sure nobody disagreed with her, had them walk around with the creepiest and forced smiles of all time, and convinced all the folks there that living in mediocrity was to their benefit. "The Cutie Map" was a 44-minute horror flick!

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  14. Nope.

    When Twilight offered her the chance to make things right, Starlight accepted and worked to be the best pony she can be. Yes, she messed up, sometimes badly. But she always went back to make things right again. Over the course of the last four seasons, Starlight created a new path that resulted in Twilight putting full trust in her judgment to help her students and eventually lead the entire school.

    Chryssie, OTOH, doesn't treat anypony besides herself any respect and looks down on virtually everyone as inferior. When Starlight offered her the opportunity to make things right with Equestria and the rest of her former hive, her ego took over, rejecting everything in front of her. Possible friendships with Equestria. Mending relationships with her hive. Working with Thorax to become a better changeling. For her, it was her way or the highway with bloodlust in between.

    That mindset never changed for the rest of the series; season 9 emphasized that point even further when she and the rest of the trio openly rejected the Magic of Friendship at the end of Frenemies, worked underground to undermine the fake Grogar, stole one-third of the real Grogar's actual magic, and co-led a coup to take down Equestrian royalty and kill the Mane Eight.

  15. Today isn't just the 10th anniversary of FIM! It's also the fifth anniversary of one of the greatest episodes of the series, Crusaders of the Lost Mark! :D That episode was emotional, only the second to make me cry, with an amazing twist that caught the fandom completely off-guard. :pinkie:

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