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  1. Plenty.

    1. After shutting out the Dragon Lands and his identity as a dragon, he befriended Dragon Lord Ember, used their combined strengths to win the trial, and he passed the scepter to her. Their friendship established relations between Equestria and the Dragon Lands, and Spike remained an important figure in their alliance for the rest of the show.
    2. Befriended Thorax the Changeling and defended him in front of Twilight and the others. His decision to risk his fame in the Crystal Empire resulted in permanent trust between Spike and Thorax and foreshadowed the hive's eventual reformation.
    3. Despite a rough beginning, he got both the Changeling Kingdom and Dragon Lands to form an alliance in Triple Threat.
    4. Formed a brother-sister-esque friendship with Smolder, who became very important in Molt Down, Father Knows Beast, and Sweet & Smoky.
    5. Speaking of S&S, Spike was the first to realize that the baby dragons weren't hatching because they were freezing in their shells, triggering the events that saved their lives.
    6. Physically grew a new pair of wings.
    7. Settled the Sibling Supreme debate through one of the cleverest plans in all of FIM.
    8. By befriending Gabby, no longer allowed his crush to Rarity to hold himself back anymore.
    9. More importantly, he became Princess Twilight's Royal Advisor (aka, Twi's second-in-command) and Friendship Ambassador. Outside of her, he has the most important role in all of Equestria: establish relations and maintain peace between all the countries.
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  2. Eeyup! Got my two Moderna shots, my last one in late-March. The worse symptom I ever had was just a sore arm, but I rather have the vaccine and not need it than need it and not have it. I wanna be part of helping this deadly pandemic end, so I hold no regrets doing so. :mlp_yeehaa:

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  3. Legitimately stellar. Zootopia is completely unlike any other film to come out of Walt Disney Pictures, adopting a modern-day world and modern-day tale. Even though the world is made up of Predators and Prey coexisting, its storytelling philosophy is very Pixar-ish by focusing more on “What if” over “Once upon a time,” amazing character development between Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, outstanding humor, and an extremely well-crafted story. Its themes of discrimination, corruption in government, racism, and xenophobia are tackled excellently. Shakira’s “Try Everything” perfectly fits Judy Hopps’s character arc.

    Not only is it the best Disney animated film in the Revival Era. It’s one of the best Disney films, period.

    1. The Spikeabuse in the earlier seasons. Sweet Celestia, he's the youngest and only male lead of the cast, and in many of the episodes he was either a part of or led, he was a major punching bag. The worst examples are Owl's Well and especially Princess Spike. For a feminist show, it enjoyed making him the buttmonkey, contradicting the feminist roots it's supposed to have. (This is one of Haber's biggest positives as story editor; he understood Spike, and his direction improved significantly under his leadership.)
    2. Specific episodes either get rewritten or scrapped. Fame & Misfortune is an insult to the show's core themes and audience and gets scrapped. Newbie Dash is what Magical Mystery Cure would be if it actually sucked; the earlier draft under Polsky is superior and should've been used. Cut Mare Do Well and MDW 2.0 out of the show entirely. Dragon Quest wouldn't have a xenophobic plotline or a misandrist, xenophobic moral. Princess Spike would've respected Spike, not give him a non-sequitur for a moral, and not give him a Dragon Sneeze bouquet at the end.
    3. Integrate the season's central arcs more. Throughout the show's run, they'd establish the arcs, incorporate 'em here and there, and then fill them with other episodes. Don't get me wrong, many of the episodes separated from the central arcs have been some of the best in the series. But at times, they could've done more to blend the arc into the season. After Starlight ran away, she was seen in the background for two episodes (Amending Fences & What About Discord) until Re-Mark. The following year, after HWT, Starlight's involvement dropped drastically until To Where. Shadow Play was the culmination of the Pillars' tales, which were confined exclusively to Season 7's second half, three of those stories in one episode. Seasons 4 (dropped arc with the castle ruins aside), 8, and 9 were the only ones to integrate their central plots in either a good chunk of the episodes (either upfront or otherwise) or were largely front and center.
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  4. Best: Gonna go with Rarity. Even late in her run, she had a host of really strong outings. From Suited for Success, Green Isn't Your Color, and Sisterhooves Social in the beginning to Rarity Takes Manehattan and Rarity Investigates in the middle to Mane Thing and Dragon Dropped at the end.

    Worst: Rainbow Dash. Whereas Spike episodes improved post-Season 5, Dash's episodes suffered for the most part after Season 3. So many episodes that came after — Rainbow Falls, Tanks for the Memories, Newbie Dash, 28PL, Complete Crap Clause, Greaaat — sucked. Did she have good episodes from Season 4 onward? Sure! Flight (mostly Scootaloo, sure, but I digress), TT123, Glideance, Grannies, Washouts, and Common Ground are all fantastic, but the bad are very noticeable.

  5. Fluttershy has been my favorite ever since I first became a brony almost a decade ago, and that hasn't changed. ^_^ Cute, a relatable personality, and with real struggles to overcome. Episodes like Hurricane Fluttershy break down how debilitating stage fright can be, which made her attempts to improve during the montage and her triumph during the climax so satisfying to watch.

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  6. Kinda surprised that they didn't go for six, but I'm completely okay with the Mane 5. Each brief animation is more than enough to reveal how distinct each of their personalities, making them stand out on their own. Maybe with just five characters, they can really explore their personalities.

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  7. Absolutely will. Each bit of news has made me more and more hopeful. The animations (as brief as they are) give each character unique glimpses of their personalities, and they're all very expressive. The character designs are outstanding.

    Hooves crossed that it'll be good!

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  8. Doubt it'll be forgotten.

    1. FIM is one of the first shows to begin the cartoon renaissance. Like Adventure Time just prior and other shows that aired in the upcoming years, FIM understood that good "children's shows" go beyond pandering to a specific demographic. When kids are treated with respect, the show gains a good rep.
    2. FIM impacted a whole lotta bronies beyond the surface. It not only gave bronies a sense of worth, but it saved some folks' lives; the best example I still recall is a one-time manestay (yes, pun intended ;)) donating $630 to the site to thank the show and fandom for saving his life.
    3. To add what @ShadOBabe and @Megas wrote above, 2021 is MLP's 40th anniversary, and G1's fanbase is still kicking. Dedicated fanbases, such as the Firefly fandom (despite being canceled during the first season), the Trekkies since the first Star Trek, Transformers, and Harry Potter don't whittle away so easily. Bronydom's too stubborn to quit; if G5 is good, bronies will surely adopt it into the fold.
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  9. Daring Doubt: While Ahuizotl's explanations for being an aggressive villain are hogwash, the rest of the story holds up. Fluttershy, being the purest of heart, felt like she had the reasons to believe Caballeron's deception, but it takes a unique turn when it her unconditional kindness changes their minds and causes them to genuinely appreciate her. Also, Rainbow Dash is written in the wrong, but she remains in character and never had her rightful worried talked down at any point.

    She's All Yak: The most underrated episode of Season 9, and one where the Mane Six and ponykind as a whole really needed. Due to peer pressure, Yona assumed that she had to learn "the pony way" and hide her identity as a yak in order to truly take part in the Amity Ball. But every single one of her teachers thought she was great as is; they only helped her act more "pony-like" because she kept requesting it, and they just wanted to help her. It was one of the rare cases in the final two seasons where the teachers are the ones to learn the lesson but never came off as unlikeable or out of character for it. Also, Sandbar was absolutely great here, and their conversation inside the treehouse is one of the most heartwarming moments of the series; when Yona felt humiliated, he committed himself to staying with her until she cheered up.

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  10. Flawless. It's one to sing about how you overcome your flaws or like someone in spite of their flaws. It's another to sing how your personality flaws make you special and you shouldn't self-improve is one big moral kids are supposed to learn; sorry, but the moral the song preaches is toxic.

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  11. I have a Netflix subscription, so this isn't a big deal. But Hasbro and Paramount did the right thing not airing this film in theaters because of safety alone. Theaters have terrible air circulation. Theater-going isn't an essential activity. Going to the theaters right now as this deadly disease is currently mutating and there's no peer-reviewed study if the vaccine is effective against the South African variant is just way too risky; AstraZeneca already halted theirs for that reason. For a lot of people (including myself), it's not worth the gamble.

  12. Although I'm not too crazy about the Dazzlings as characters, can't say the same regarding their songs. Under Our Spell works so well because the Dazzlings become so intimidating, demonstrate their weight within the competition, and influence audience opinion to maintain their scheme. Only Welcome to the Show and Shine Like Rainbows eclipse this as the best song of the film.

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  13. I'll let Twilight herself answer that:


    Twilight Sparkle: A new position I created for you. You've been at my side for every step of this journey. Knowing I had you to count on gave me the strength I needed to grow and succeed. I wouldn't be here without you.

    Spike is Twilight's closest friend. Earlier in the series, she (and the universe) didn't treat him that well, but as their relationship evolved, so did their dynamic. They're extremely important to and depend on each other; they're not complete unless they're together. Plus, she can't rule the throne by herself. Who's the most capable to help her? Spike himself. He has to hold his own, maintain harmony at home with her, and — most importantly — develop it beyond the borders. All of which he excels at. "Royal advisor" is the most important non-princess job in Equestria, and she completely believes he can do it.

  14. The one valid concern I saw in response to this news (over at EQD) is whether it'll suffer from treatment similar to PPG 2016 or not. PPG 2016 tried to be inclusive, yet had absolutely no idea how to do so without being sensitive. Horn Sweet Horn was transphobic trash. They included Bliss as the token Black girl, yet approached it with a colorblind perspective and had Utonium act like a deadbeat dad to her.

    Yet, a lot of shows that took inclusion seriously and knew what they were doing handled it very well. Steven Universe had a very diverse cast of characters and was very openly LGBTQ, yet the characters were some of the most complex. She-Ra's progressiveness is in your face, yet it's one of the most popular shows on Netflix. FIM, contrary to what some believe, was extremely political, and the folks didn't hide that fact throughout the series. At times, they didn't handle the sensitive subjects well, but they improved on that over time.

    Whether G5 will treat diverse minorities with respect or not or not, I don't know. There really isn't much to respond to or be concerned with. Nothing about it rings any alarm. So far, 98% of the negativity that I saw both on here and especially EQD's just reactionary.

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  15. When Brady played in Super Bowl XXXVI, this was what they looked like:

    While Brady played in his first Super Bowl, Mahomes was just the six-year-old son of Pat Mahomes, Sr., a journeyman relief pitcher.

    Today, Brady is both the oldest player in the NFL and second-oldest in all the Four Major Sports (about five months younger than Zdeno Chara of the Capitals). Mahomes has taken the NFL by storm and is now the best QB in the NFL, while Brady has shown he's still got it despite being 43 years old. Mahomes vs. Brady can be compared to this (w/o the scripted elements, of course):

    This Super Bowl is a matchup between the greatest QB of all-time (and a six-time SB champion) vs. the kid and defending champion/SB MVP. Two years ago, Brady handed him his fifth career loss as well as his only postseason defeat to date. A contest between a legend that completely filled his résumé beyond two pages, another currently building a great career and eager to take the torch from the legend.

    Brady's the GOAT, but I'm going with Mahomes avenging his loss and the Chiefs winning Super Bowl LV in front of the Buccaneers' hometown crowd.

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  16. Usually, when the alert at the bottom of the browser showed that forum thread I was on updated, clicking on "Show Reply" or leaving it alone will allow it to disappear. However, each time I clicked on "Show Reply" or left it alone, the notification never went away.

  17. Spitfire & Fleetfoot: Lying to Soarin, whose wing had already healed and was only waiting in the hospital wing until they came to get him out, in order to have Dash replace him on the Cloudesdale aerial relay team.

    Rainbow Dash & AJ: Already said — disregarding the safety of their students as they canoed down a rocky part of the river. You'd think the safety of their students would come first. Instead, Yona almost drowned because of their stupidity!

    For a Dash-only secondary example, pranking Fluttershy in 28PL. Lemme get this straight. You KNEW one of your closest friends really hates being pranked. You once stopped yourself when Pinkie made you realize it was not a good idea. Yet in the dark night, you prank her and scare the bejeezus out of her, and you DON'T regret it?! C'mon, man!

    Fluttershy: Threatening to throw Smoky & family out of Rarity For You. No. Just no. No matter what alter ego she puts herself under, her love for animals comes first. Why were Smoky, Softpad, and Smoky Jr. allowed to stay in the store? Because that store was their home, and the ReMane Six agreed that they live there. You'd think this would be on her mind, especially after admitting at the end to pretending to be other personalities.

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