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About Me

Dark Qiviut is a fellow veteran of the Digimon and Sonic fandoms. During the summer of 2011, after thinking long and hard, he went ahead and began watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The characters, worldbuilding, and development got him into loving the show, becoming a brony in the process. Then he ventured into the depths of the fandom, which is dedicated, intelligent, diverse, and supportive. Since then, he's heavily involved in brony fandom discussions and desires to contribute to it in any way possible.

This analysis brony has a very strict creed. He has a reputation of being easily one of the most vocal and opinionated throughout the MLP Forums as well as sites like Equestria Daily and the Sonic Stadium Message Boards. Opinions are stacked, whether they're popular or not, and he isn't afraid to display them with a sense of flourish, fury, and bluntness as long as they keep the conversation going, are on-topic, and follow the rules. It's a duty to unleash opinions with sound logic and common sense, regardless of his emotions on them, be his posts or blogs long or short.

When I review, I don't plug in a grade. However, I have two separate blogs listing my grades: my whole list and my best-to-worst order.

Fellow opinions are NOT respected unconditionally! Respecting opinions willy-nilly is intellectually insulting. Expressing an opinion doesn't guarantee freedom from having your opinion questioned. Give him logic that makes sense, then no matter how much he disagrees, you still make a good point. But if your reasons don't make sense, expect your opinion to be questioned, whether it's from DQ himself or someone else. He is firm with his convictions, and he knows know well that he can back them up clearly and intelligently. If you write something that he knows he can refute, then if it's on-topic, you may get some kind of response. You can read his full passage why he doesn't respect opinions here.

As for FIM-related viewpoints, check them out in the spoilers below:

  1. Most favorite character is Fluttershy because she's very relatable, cute, and heartwarming. Unfortunately, between Luna Eclipsed and the end of S4, she was often written as constantly scared, usually for laughs. But when she has the courage of her convictions, she blossoms into a very real character. Hurricane Fluttershy is his most recommended Fluttershy episode because of its tremendous backstory and will to root for Fluttershy. Rather than making Fluttershy shy just because, her shyness is tied down to stage fright, a crippling phobia.

    But since S5, her direction changed for the better. The lessons she learned over the years started to stick. Her self-assurance, self-confidence, and contributions to help others became more and more profound. She retains her shyness and sensitivity, but really felt developed. S6 and 7 are among her best in the entire series.
  2. Most favorite episode to date is also the greatest episode in franchise history, The Perfect Pear. Everything about this episode was just so right. AJ, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac were excellent. The song is simple, but really emotional, making the couple of Bright Mac and Buttercup feel more and more real. Moral of grieving and moving on from a mistake one cannot repair is outstanding, and using Grand Pear (who disowned his daughter at the altar, the last time he saw her alive) as the vessel for the moral makes his character all the more tragic.
  3. Least favorite episode is The Crystal Empire. Celestia assigns Twilight to protect an empire, something she never did before, as a test to prove to herself that she was ready to help lead a kingdom. In other words, the Royal Sisters — especially Celestia — treated thousands of lives as a means to an end rather than an end in and of itself.
  4. Just because he likes or dislikes an episode doesn't mean he'll defend it all the time and will call them out for their issues and flaws. Magical Mystery Cure is an episode he likes, but will address its issues of crammed and rushed writing, inorganic foreshadowing, and sudden plothole with cutie marks — a symbol indicating either their best qualities or most desired skill — into something that's predestined. Likewise, he hates Equestria Girls for being such a factually terrible movie, but will defend Spike's characterization and marvelous balance in strengths and flaws he featured.

    That said, DQ will occasionally change his mind if he felt he was being unfair to an episode. For a few years, he declared MMC a bad episode, but eventually reflected over the episode's strengths, notably how Twilight worked to fix her mistake, making her ascension feel more earned. Another one, Slice of Life, which he loved, but had problems with some of the jokes and the A-plot; rewatching it made him realize how excellent it truly is.
  5. He is one of the most vocal and notorious critics of the Twilicorn and Equestria Girls and isn't afraid to let it out whenever necessary. If you dismiss said criticisms as "needless bitching," "nitpicking," "being afraid of change," or the sexist and homophobic ad hominem that can be passed as a threat of forced sodomy, whether it's aimed at him or not, expect to be called out for it.
  6. This person likes to review and analyze FIM, whether you like it or not. Likewise, he really despises use of very stupid fandom-related fallacies like "It's for kids" or "You're afraid of change."
  7. Derpy is best pony.
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