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  1. Is going to Pony Con! That's my nickname for Everfree! Hi! I'm Hawk (or Sara), kinda shy but when ya get to know me I'm a firecracker! BANG BOOM PEW PEW PEW! I don't have many brony friends, I have like one? But she's going to be a vendor at Pony Con so I don't have anyone to walk around with. : ( Sad huh. Well due to health restrictions I don't get out much, if I could I would be out galloping through parks and the woods and all over the town! I live North of Seattle by about 45 minutes, I plan on going to a few meet ups to see if I can make some new pals and what not. I am a cosplayer, from MLP I am Rarity, other cosplays I do are mainly comic book. Anyways it will be nice to meet some of you ponies this year at Everfree, PM me if you wanna chat on Tweetar or Facebookz! I'd love to make new brony friends!