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  1. Gummy fursuit! I cosplay as Pinkie so I will track you down and get a picture with you!
  2. I think it's open to anyone cosplaying who wants to go.
  3. Hi Everypony, So...for a while I was going by RainbowShy (been pretty active on the boards - probably noticed me) but I finally made my own original OC and will now be known at TwinkiePon. I couldn't figure out how to change the name on my old account so I made a new one. My avatar there is my OC. Her cutie mark is a quill and ink because I happen to be a writer (it's my special talent). The name stems from my nickname in high school "twinkiemon" based on my love of Twinkies (RIP little snack cakes) and Pokemon. I just changed the 'mon' to 'pon' for 'pony.' You might see the name RainbowShy floating around the convention perhaps in panels or in the con book, but rest assured from here on out I will be the TwinkiePon!