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  1. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: EFNW's forums How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I watched a bit of the G1 MLP in the 80s, but did not hear of it again, until pony-based memes began popping up all over the internet. I looked up the first episode online, and I was hooked immediately. I fell head over hooves for the new show, with its superb animation, great musical numbers, hilarious pop-culture puns, and positive, fun messages for kids and adults alike.An awesome, inclusive, and supportive fandom is just icing on the cake! I'm a 30-something married brony, currently residing in the Midwest of America. By day, I'm an IT desk-jockey, working to make websites easier to use and experience for our customers and partners. *shameless self-promo* I stumbled upon FimFic last Summer, and it inspired me to overcome a bit of fear and try my hand at writing as well. I'm no pulitzer prize winner, but if you're interested, feel free to checkout my FimFic page. Other than MLP, my interests include: Auto detailing, tinkering with computers, video games, Star Trek, WWE, traveling, and being a foodie/wino Thanks in advance for the welcome!
  2. Thanks for the help! We've been to Seattle a number of times, so we know our way around fairly well. We'll be bringing a camera, of course, to capture some memories. Are there specific camera policies in place, whether for VAs or vendor areas that we should be aware of?
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! I did have some initial questions, which I posted in a new thread. But, it looks like you and a few others have answered them completely. If I think of more though, I'll be sure to ask. Thanks! -GMP
  4. Hello everypony! Just dropping in to say hello, since that seems to be the recommended first course of action here, lol. I really crossed into full Brony mode last year, and my wife recently joined the herd as well. We had heard of Everfree, but did not think we could attend. BUT, my wife was called up to Seattle for s short notice business trip, and it just happens to fall around this convention!! So, we decided to make a long weekend out of it, and attend as much as we can! This will be our first fan convention of any kind, but we're both really excited to see what Everfree NW has in store for the fans! Brony on! PS - BTW, we'll be coming from St. Louis. Any other Missouri bronies headed to Seattle?