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  1. Hello! My Name's Ginny and I went to Everfree NW 2013 and I will be going in 2014! But actually cosplaying as something unlike this year when I just grabbed my dragon hoodie and went dressed as Ginnasawrus; The dragon Assistant. Even though she's not a dragon, but a dinosaur. :? I uh. I have a dA, Tumblr, and all that jazz and I'd love to make more friends that I'll be able to meet there next year! Ehehe Those shall all be linked down below. But next year. I shall join the furry army and be--- drumroll GUMMY! I'll be making a Gummy fursuit and planning on finishing it by december! (WOW That's really early!) Yes it is dear figment of my imagination! I hope to see more Pinkie Pies there than ever before now that you know a giant gummy will be coming! Anyway. I hope to make new friends there and here are the links I promised. dA: http://amethyst-desu.deviantart.com/ tumblr: http://amethyst-desu.tumblr.com/ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Koyukisnow098/ (I mostly Post speedpaints) Thank you to whoever red this. Keep Calm, and BRONY ON!