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  1. *sigh* Ignoring the fact that threads here should be "family friendly", I'd probablely not make a big deal bout it, and go else where while my friend... finishes whatever buisness they need to.
  2. Well truthfully, Up till G3, They actually weren't bad, and you can even say g1 was pretty cool. Even today there are hardcore fans of the earlier generations, Laura Faust being one of them. People have a bad name for MLP because of G3 and the horrific G3.5 which is sadly what most people think of when they hear MLP. This video goes over it pretty well imho. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybXXSHDRE4
  3. You do know Aphex Twin is not dead, right? Unless you mean he is not doing music under the name, in which case I don't know.
  4. Mystery Men. So bad, even the dvd box can't give it praise without being sued for false advertising. Seriously. You know how every dvd has some bs review giving it praise? Yeah, not this trash heap. There is nothing good about it. About as bad as baby geniuses but thats been said.
  5. For those that are unfamiliar, Ambient music in general is essentially about the sound, rather than the actual notes that are used to produce the sounds. In fact, being mostly atmospheric, sometimes there is an outright absence of usual instruments. Dark Ambient, is where things get freaky. Remember the eerie haunting soundtrack to Silent Hill 2 that gave us all the chills? Or what about the music onboard the USG Ishimura in Dead Space? Both of those soundtracks are considered Dark Ambient, and have a prevelant theme of isolation and abandonment. I don't expect too many people to post in this thread, but for those who are intrested, i figure it be as good a place to start as any. Some of the bands i listen to are: Aurastys, Atrium Carceri, Raison D'etre, Lustmord, and Northaunt. Anypony else got some dark ambient music to share? (ps if you want to here what its like, here is an example by Raison D'etre. Really freaky, but a bit lengthy.) [media=]http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr1DNMBZN0o&feature=related[/media]
  6. okay now for my 2 obscure. 1. Atrium Carceri. Good Dark Ambient project. [media=]http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0XdBDRSWgE[/media] 2. Raison D'etre. This is BRILLIANT Dark Ambient ENJOY THE NIGHTMARES!!!!
  7. Paranoid || 10% 50% Schizoid |||||| 26% 40% Schizotypal |||||||||||||||| 62% 56% Antisocial |||||||||||||||| 66% 46% Borderline |||||||||||||||| 66% 45% Histrionic |||| 18% 35% Narcissistic |||| 18% 40% Avoidant |||||| 30% 48% Dependent |||||| 22% 44% Obsessive-Compulsive |||||| 30% 45% Says here I am an eccentric, insensitive, and unstable S.O.B. Yep. That's about right, except for the insensitive part Don't know why the Antisocial is so high.... Oh well. These test you gotta take with a grain of salt. Besides I already know I have Bipolar, so really taking this was just for sh*ts and giggles.
  8. Exactly my stance. not everyday you hear that term....
  9. As the title of the topic says, what are somethings that all you ponies do when you have nothing to do? Me? Sleep, eat, ponies, and fus ro dah Lydia off of tall places.
  10. Well the general rule is, if it isn't a pony forum, you might not want to post anything about ponies there. Thats part of what turns people off from ponies is seeing it EVERYWHERE. And i am pretty certain we all know that that is not an hyperbole.
  11. Ah yes the Brown Recluse, also know as "The Violin Spider" due to the violin shape on its head and abdomen. About a decade go, on of my fathers co-worker he use to know lost hes leg( may have been right) leg from the knee down due to one of these. THEY are the reason you don't pick up rocks in the woods. The like to live in dark humid places, and can be found under the flat surface of rocks. The hemotoxin it holds is one of the most deadly, and what is truely frightning is that most people that have been bitten by them, didn't even see them as they were too small to see. But they certainly felt them. It is said the pain from their bite is worse that a gunshot wound. Their young are barely a few cm big, and at that size, the vemon is concentrated ten fold, and within a hour of being bitten, the limb will be gangreous and have to be amputated, unless you wish to die a very painful death. If I remember correctly the antivenom is antivenom 2, with 1 being all others, and 3 for the Black Widow. Yeah, i have a bit of knowledge on Deadly spiders...
  12. Fluttershy be "OKAY" face, but when she gets angry it becomes "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-"
  13. *sigh* It seems that everypony here (well almost) does not understand what it means to have a element of harmony. Just because their element is say(using rarity here) generosity, it does not mean that that person CAN'T be selfish, they just aren't. Applejack lied before, Twilight sparkle has a natural short-comming being the recluse that she is, Pinkie Pie gets depressed and is insecure, Rainbow dash gets too caught up in her fantasies, and Fluttershy is sometimes a bitch. They ALL have faults, but when it comes to their strengths, Its those Elements that shine through, and that is ALL that those elements mean. In other words, they all live up to their elements equally, and they all fall short of them too. My thoughts on this though, feel free to dispute. Do you remember the end? She comes thourgh, and even goes the extra mile to do that. I would NEVER do what she did for my brother if it were me. You can't get more generous than that.