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  1. I am somewhat relieved of this as one of the reasons I quit a forum was the fact that people were saying I was posting too much. I had four times the posts as anypony else, including the staff. And although I dislike having to wait, the "Blank-Flank" idea is somewhat amusing.
  2. k31owner

    Derpy Fan Club

    I have been a fan of Derpy since first noticing her in the episode, a might tiffed at what has been done to poor young Derpy, but that hasn't change how I feel for her.
  3. Sako Gewehr I believe that is the name given to the account, though I forget if it has an underscore or not, most likely that is the correct name.
  4. Greetings, I am new to the MLP Forums site and as a newcomer I am following standard procedure in introducing myself. So, as a newcomer I am excited to be part of the MLP Forums community and hope to make many a decent friend here. Best wishes and such, k31owner
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