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  1. Yes, I care a lot about how I look, I can spend hours getting ready to leave my house, my mom always used to tell me to always look my best, so I do. I like it when people compliment my looks and clothing, because I spend a lot of time picking them out or making myself look pretty. I'm usually checking my reflection to some degree, some call me vain, but I like to look my very best at all times. I don't judge others on how they look, though it does confuse me when I hear that people are honestly not bothered by how they appear to others.
  2. I have a facebook, twitter, tumblr, this site and ummm....something else that I always forget. I don't tend to use them all that much, i guess it's just nice for others to get in contact with me
  3. Last movie I watched was monsters university. I didn't particularly enjoy it all that much, it was pretty low on laughs and was overall pretty serious. Nothing like the first one. Was pretty cool to get some backstory on them though. Before that I watched The Worlds End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and oh my god, that was hilarious, it was a really good movie and finished off the cornetto trilogy beautifully
  4. If I'm bored, I'll usually just go to sleep. Because I'll have already tried everything else, and sleeping is great because your mind just shuts off and it kills a few hours.
  5. Alright, it was nice. but I felt it was boring, not much going on in the song, also perhaps work on your keyboard skills a little, more of a melodic riff would have gone very well with that piece. Now, I am not saying it's bad, It's okay. But it doesn't exactly stand out, if you know what I mean? The song doesn't have depth. Try with a couple of different instruments playing together in harmony and such things. also Chords, chords are great for piano/keyboard pieces. Even Arpeggio is good. But yeah, you have a lot to improve on if you want to become recognised for your music, there is a lot of competition out there.
  6. Happy birthday! ^_^

    1. ♥.:Yulaiyre:.♥



      Thank you for the birthday wishes :3

  7. Well, it's never been truly malicious. But My voice My ditziness how clumsy I am How slow I can be sometimes how nerdy i am How gullible I can be
  8. hah, it's cool, I don't mind the attention if I'm honest ^^ >fresh meat I've posted my pic here quite a few times :3 just this is the most recent one. well, actually, the one of my playing around with my lightsaber is the most recent. but it's way too nerdy. Yeah! I hnng'd so badly when I first saw it
  9. - Bacon - Beef - Pork - Lamb -Cheese -Pizza -Burgers -Chocolate -Candies -Anything that is greasy or has fat on it. It tastes horrible I mostly liy like rice, pasta and chicken, with fish too. Also I love all fruits and veggies :3
  10. Oh wow :3 thank you ^^ You like it? yay! ♥ aww thank you! Really? yay! this makes me happy <3 >.< waii? Thanks for all the praise! I was a little unsure of curly hair <3