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  1. WELL, be cooler then them and show this video to all of them everyone acts like it's a matter of life or death i didnt care about that dress from the start Xd
  2. i missed this fandom <3

    1. SCS


      welcome back :D

    1. Blackened


      This is the first time I've seen an update from you in a while. Where've ya been?

    2. thattom


      i have been Distracted by stuff XD

  3. I made a animation about that dress that keeps popping up everywhere on the interwebs
  4. There are way too much zombies in my brain

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    2. thattom


      imposible ill die too...... i dont like dying :(

    3. Arctic Night

      Arctic Night

      It's the only way to kill zombies. :(

    4. Everleaf


      Nooo don't destroy your brain just remove da, zombies. XD

  5. i think im pregnant

  6. M y girlfriend lives in england and i live in holland is this weird?

  7. OOOOH, i got so many super funny pranks up my sleeve

  8. You can't spell slaughter without laughter

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    2. Serbon div

      Serbon div

      ^ slavonic-serbian

    3. Malinter


      I put the Pwn in Pony. XD

    4. Serbon div

      Serbon div

      I put the pwn in panslavism, because I pronounce it like that.

  9. proffesional schizo

  10. i want to paint my hair but my dad says i may not do it :(

    1. Everleaf


      Poor you I want rainbow highlights at the bottom (not because of Dash I just do...