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  1. (click the links) How has no one suggested this yet? Even though it's not rock... And this: Or this, but it would be a massive long shot at getting anything by these guys in any king of MLP-based show: And considering that there's six of them, anything from Linkin Park would work perfectly.
  2. Hands down, Fluffle Puff is the cutest pony in the universe.
  3. If they do, they need to put Fuel by Metallica in it. That would be epic.
  4. So how are things?

    1. Wayzer


      Good for me,! You?

    2. Blue Parasprite

      Blue Parasprite

      Pretty good. Back in school now

  5. She's not my absolute favorite pony, but she has to be one of the cutist. Of course, there's also Derpy
  6. I'm back!!!!!!!! :D Sorry it took so dang long.

  7. Well, I'm leaving for the summer now. Have fun everypony! :D

  8. You get Raidriar with the Infinity Blade *inserts your adorable avatar *
  9. You get monsoon season in a jar *inserts a Fire Stone*
  10. You get Celestia trying to eat you *inserts Majin Buu*
  11. You get cuddly bunnies and kittens and such *inserts Master Sword*
  12. You get everything *inserts Soviet Russia*