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  1. SanityNotIncluded

    Is MLP: FiM Norwegian in origin?

    Well, MLP certainly isn't based in Norweigan lore, but that's an interesting find nonetheless.
  2. SanityNotIncluded

    If you could delete ONE episode. Which episode would you delete?

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Spike at Your Service yet. Other episodes might have been boring, but at least they weren't actively painful.
  3. SanityNotIncluded

    Do a large number of bronies have a mental illness?

    I don't, but as others have said, it's quite common for people to develop something at some point in their lives. While misdiagnosis exists, I honestly don't think that most self-diagnose deliberately for attention. Rather, I suspect that most do it to give themselves an explanation for whatever they're going through. Just because you're not clinically ill doesn't mean you can't benefit from talking to a professional about your problems.
  4. SanityNotIncluded

    If you could change ONE thing in the show. What would you change?

    Wouldn't necessarily disagree with this happening eventually, but you'd have to put up one hell of a fight against parts of the fandom xD. Serious answer: I'm surprised nobody has said this yet, but I'dd add eight additional minutes to the runtime (so from 22 minutes to a full half-hour). A lot of stories end up feeling rushed, and that has the potential to improve the show immensely.
  5. SanityNotIncluded

    Why are there no polygamy ships?

    To add to what's already been said, polygamy is so rare that it's unlikely to leap to most peoples' minds when they think of relationships. So, beyond the fact that polygamy is frowned upon, most people just wouldn't think to do it in the first place.
  6. SanityNotIncluded

    Why does puns make people cringe?

    To be honest, it's usually a matter of context. A pun can be funny in the right circumstances, but it can often seem very silly in an otherwise serious situation. Or to put it another way... a dad joke is only a dad joke when it becomes apparent. (I'm sorry)
  7. SanityNotIncluded

    Of favorite characters and being defensive

    Not characters per say, but I sometimes instinctively have that reaction over episodes. To a limited extent, feeling defensive is normal when you've invested a lot of emotion into something - though it's not something I let impact my actual behaviour.
  8. SanityNotIncluded

    Praying to ponies

    Not something I'd do personally, but if it makes you happy, so be it. I mean, there are certainly weirder things in the fandom. The first discussion I ever had on here was with someone who sincerely wanted to found a Brony nation-state.
  9. SanityNotIncluded

    S06:E16 - The Times They Are A Changeling

    Disclaimer: I missed some of the ep due to buffering issues, so I might've missed what everyone is raving about. I really liked the ideas behind this one, but the way it was written came off as forced to me. A huge chunk of the dialogue felt like it was not-very-subtely dumping exposition or explaining how we're supposed to be reacting. Still, Thorax was adorable and I liked the resolution of Changelings feeding from each others' love.
  10. SanityNotIncluded

    Spoiler "The Times They Are A Changeling" Synopsis now up

    Really looking forward to this too. The changelings are very interesting characters and it'll be great to see a 'reformed' one.
  11. SanityNotIncluded

    How would you rate the show in general?

    Interesting that I'm not the only one with this sort of opinion. Anyway: S1: 6/10 S2: 6.5/10 S3: 7/10 S4: 6/10 S5: 7.5/10 S6: 7/10 (so far) By itself, the show never did much for me in its early seasons. Back then, the fandom picked up a lot of slack for the show with fanart and music. Now that I prefer the stories they're telling with the map and a maturer mane cast, I find that the show picks up slack for the fandom.
  12. I really like the idea of this, but I think the problem lies in MLP FIM's target audience. Really young girls (and for that matter, young kids in general these days) are more likely to game on parents' tablets and smartphones than dedicated consoles. Therefore, it kinda makes sense that we have the MLP apps, but no dedicated console release. If they ever decided to do one however, the suggestion for a simple 2D platformer sounds like a really good one. It has the potential to work really well across MLP's different audiences while also staying true to the tone of the show.
  13. SanityNotIncluded

    Thoughts on the Cringe Channel?

    I have something of a love-hate relationship with these places. On one hand, I totally get why these things are cringey and can find them pretty funny sometimes. However, the most I do is chuckle and perhaps think the person needs to grow up a bit. I certainly don't find it funny if they're is mentally ill or if the material was taken from a private space. My problem with a lot of cringe communities is that they go way overboard and abuse the 'internet is a wild west' mentality as a cover for behaviour which would be completely unacceptable in any other context.
  14. SanityNotIncluded

    Why does this feel like Season 5-2?

    I agree with many that this feels like an extension of season 5, though I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing (season 5 was my favourite season, after all). The show's gone through a fair amount of change, and I reckon some stability would be a good thing for now.
  15. SanityNotIncluded

    Most Heartwarming Scene in the show?

    I know a lot of people don't like this episode, but I'd have to say Celestia's Ballad and the montage that follows it. Really helped cement everything that happened over the past three seasons, on top of being a great song to boot.