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  1. OOOOH!!! I like that "Dungeon Master" thing! I love it when i can manipulate the enviroment and make things happen! :3 I guesst that's the reason I lI've to write stories. (Well... not exactly write but mentally store until I actually have the time to write it.) I have played some D&D with my friends before and one of my friends was the dungeon master so I have a pretty good understanding on how it all works! :3 Thank you very much! :3
  2. I'm new to the whole "Role playing" stuff so I don't exactly know what to do. Help?
  3. I gotta admit it, once thins guy just exploded in the comments and I replied "Dude, it's just a kids show, calm the f**k down." XD (You know but without the censoring. ) Oh and also I went to a hate video and corrected a lot of his Grammer and stuff. XD I'm "John Snyder" in the comments btw. XD
  4. Upgrade! Imma muffin! :3

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      Next goal: pegasus rank! Right? Right?

    2. John A. Games
  5. I personally watch hate videos, laugh at it then go on with my day. XD
  6. How do you guys deal with haters? Special methods? What are they? Just let me know whether you ignore them, start a comment war, or anything else.
  7. Zombie ponies... not likely... but... possible? In this, I want you guys to think of your own creative, original, and interesting version of a zombie pony. Ex. Physical appearances, how it infects it's victims, types of zombies, etc! Get as creative as you want, as dark as you want, and as technical as you want! There are no wrong answers! (I'll post my idea after a while if I get enough replys.) (At least a page.)
  8. Hmm... I just had an idea! What if it was based in the future? With a lot of cool technology and stuff! Though it may never happen I still think that would still be freaking awesome!
  9. What do you mean by "maybe even move away from cartoons." Who knows! The next ones might even be better! :3 Who knows! The next ones might even be better! :3 Who knows! The next ones might even be better! :3 Who knows! The next ones might even be better! :3 Who knows! The next ones might even be better! :3 Who knows! The next ones might even be better! :3I have NO idea why it sent that many times
  10. Might there be further appeareappearances from the background characters? Not just visually but through voice as well? May they have significant roles to play in episodes to come. I mean ALREADY in 1 season we already have 2 episodes that use background characters for significant roles. Speculation? You bet ya! Let me know what you think! :3
  11. I DON'T have a girlfriend. nudge nudge wink wink

  12. I know, I'm just saying later on in the future when all of it has ended.
  13. I'm a lonely brony.

  14. I wish I had a girlfriend.