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  1. mad

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheCountryArtist


      theres nothing on tvvvvvvvvv ;-;

    3. Hastur


      then go to hulu :3

    4. TheCountryArtist


      *looks for remote* * about four feet away from me* its to faaaar

  2. This is so sad ;-; We all will miss you guys, you and Dsanders were awesome and sweet people, and the forums will defidently not be the same without you guys. We all wish you two the best of luck
  3. I heard this was your last day on the forums. We will all miss you :) I also told NightmareCadence that you were leaving the forums, and she told me to tell you thank you for introducing her to the forums.

    1. Misty Rose

      Misty Rose

      Thanks, I'll miss you guys too :D Aww and tell her that it was very nice being her friend. :)

  4. Your avatar is a pig. I like you.

  5. First I'm upset with all these status updates, now I am annoyed to the core

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    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      Let them do what they will. They're the only ones who will bear consequences for their actions.

    3. CMQuickfireTK


      @Harmonic Revelations Yep, and probably very well aware of them as well.

    4. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      Every hour, someone is banned or other thing. Nobody care or few ponies care. Just because is Skylar, that doesn't mean something "big". He is just a member like us.

  6. People calm doooowwwwwnnnn *Cries*

    1. CMQuickfireTK


      My situation is a little complicated, but I'm fine.

  7. Heading towards the hills, I hear a drama storm is coming. *Grabs ponies and gets on one* if anyone wants a pony and ride with me, tell meh

  8. Oh my god people on here *Bangs head on wall*

    1. The Soldier

      The Soldier

      Tell me about it

  9. just a heads up i wont be on the forums anymore

    1. Bullet Bill OReilly
    2. TheCountryArtist


      I have reasons that might be better unsaid since it might start drama. I guess I'll still be on, but I wont post anything, maybe I'll post some stuff in the art forum, but im just done with the forums really

    3. Bullet Bill OReilly

      Bullet Bill OReilly



      Do what you have to do.

  10. Some people on here are just jerks, talking behind someone's back.

  11. Just made a new thread, it would be cool if you went and checked it out: http://mlpforums.com/topic/89083-ever-heard-of-the-game-feralheart-opinions/

  12. Do you play the game, or used to, or even heard of it? If you never heard of it, it is a game were you can choose a wolf or lion model, design it, and go and play the game, its mostly a RP game. For more info click here: http://feral-heart.com/index.php If you want to try and register, good luck. They closed the registration thing, and it opens once in a while for a short time due to everyone making extra accounts, or accounts just going inactive, spam accounts (which idk why they cant delete the accounts, unless they need the code) If you want to know more stuff, like how it looks, also ch
  13. im back *gently slaps everyone* and im gone

  14. This season is full of shipping... To much

    1. ProjectRKA


      There needs to be about 20% more shipping.

    2. Sweet Pen
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