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  1. I use Malwarebytes and i never have issues, plus its only about $20 for a lifetime liscense
  2. Trojans like that can usually be removed if you remove them before booting the operating system at startup, I did it once to remove a trojan that locked my keyboard and mouse at the login screen.
  3. Its central station actually has a control room that controls all the track switching
  4. Minecraft is one of my favorite games, all my friends like hiring me to build their minecart rails since I love building fully automatic minecart systems. I got more pictures but I think you get the idea
  5. I heard that it was just a side movie and wasn't ever going to be part of the canon series
  6. So I'm Thunderbolt the Fox (I don't have a pony version yet, but soon) I came here from the recently lost Sonic Speed zone forums, which is where I started getting into MLP, since my friends wouldn't stop posting about them I decided to check it out one day. Got hooked pretty quickly. A friend of mine directed me to this place recently, you know who you are. anyways, Hi everyone