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  1. Super Sand Legend

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    8/10 not enough fish - IGN
  2. Super Sand Legend

    Clop SECTION

    Porn isn't always after childhood. I mean you don't instantly watch porn when you start growing up, considering millions of people have grown up fine without it. And you should really just stop right now, because you are 14, and even if they agreed and added a nsfw area, you wouldn't access it for another 4 years. Really there could already be a nsfw area somewhere but since you cannot access it you wouldn't know.
  3. Super Sand Legend

    Clop SECTION

    Porn just doesn't work for a place like this, you're more than welcome to send your friends some on say skype, or discord. But it's a PG-13 site at the end of the day, and checking everyone's age wouldn't work because of the amount of people, and how easily someone can lie.
  4. Super Sand Legend

    Science What's Your Favorite Science?

    Alcohology, the study of alcohol. We often drink to study them.
  5. Super Sand Legend

    Adventure Casting Call for Dark Days

    I got this bullshit guy called Brechard right here. Farmer duder. Not the biggest fan of fighting, slightly smaller than the average stallion but more muscular in build and appearance. Typically very friendly, and naive.
  6. Super Sand Legend

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Like i'm gonna get stabbed my by lizard.
  7. Super Sand Legend

    Movies/TV The Worst Video Game Movies

    I have not found one I dislike. But the new resi movie does look pretty shit from the trailer, and that assassins creed film will probably be less interesting than a lobotomy.
  8. Super Sand Legend

    General Do You Have An Accent?

    Nearly cockney, so I don't pronounce most of my t's or h's.
  9. Super Sand Legend

    Gaming Dark Souls - The Best & Worst Bosses

    Not sure how you managed that, fume knight was a fucking breeze compared to blue smelter, I couldn't even beat him. XD
  10. Super Sand Legend

    Gaming Dark Souls - The Best & Worst Bosses

    @PoisonClaw you clearly haven't fought the blue smelter demon if you think the fume knight is the hardest XD seriously tho, worst boss is probably the bed of chaos, as it isn't hard, just frustrating, cause you gotta run about everywhere then the boss dies in like two hits. like the fuck i came here for a fight and all you did was swing a giant arm and break the floor. one of the best would be the ruin sentinels for me, it's a challenge to get there and the fight is three of the sentinels at once, which seems quite cheap but it makes you watch the whole area, rather than focusing on one boss which there usually always is. you gotta whittle them down slowly until you're done. I'd argue that champion gundyr is both the best and worst boss, because he's there kinda to test what you've learnt to the extreme, and at the same time he is literally a walking rape machine within armour who just cheaps the fuck out of everyone and everything. on an added note, i don't get why everyone always complains about the capra demon, he was one of the easiest bosses of the entire series for me, i read about him being really hard and was dreading it but i finished the fight in about 30 seconds and i was kinda disappointed he was so pathetic.
  11. Super Sand Legend

    Has MLP influenced the way you dress?

    Nah fam I just dress like a pleb.
  12. Super Sand Legend

    Gaming Who remembers ROBLOX?

    There is an xbox version, mobile version, and pc version. I think they're also cross platform too.
  13. Super Sand Legend

    Good forums are hard to find

    This forum is pretty shit tbh, but it's better than any of shit hole community i've found other than furvilla. Which is not very active talking wise.
  14. Super Sand Legend

    Do you believe in God?

    yar har fiddle di dee, being an atheist is alright to be.
  15. Super Sand Legend

    What did you have trouble with when you first joined the forums?

    I didn't have any problems when I joined, but it's pretty shit now.