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      ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͡°) watch out boys


  3. So what's the forum news?

  4. ...I'm back. Yay...

  5. Hey everyone- I'm sorry you haven't been seeing me much. I've been bogged down with a lot of real life problems. My girlfriend broke up with me, my best friend now hates me, and I have a metric shit ton of school work lately that I need to catch up on. Long story short, I'm taking a few days hiatus. Thanks for everything so far, I'll see you later. Tonight will be my last few minutes on the forums for a while

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      Damn man. That's harsh. I hope it gets better.

  6. @ 'Yeah, alright.' News Runner said, looking around. Atlas seemed very on edge, and he could tell why. We were in an extremely shady part of town about to rob the mafia. Not your everyday adventure at least. Runner turned to Atlas again. 'Tell me more about this detective. Can we really trust him? What about the factory? Are there guards? Mobsters? And most importantly, where is this detective?'
  7. 'Yeah, they've been in here for what, three generations now? We're out of tapes too. The overseers gone dark, and things have been breaking left and right. We're running. Into a lot if problems now.' Runner said sadly. It was true. The Vault was decaying. They had to save it.
  8. @ 'No. No tie to army. All gone.' Runner said in his broken English, then adding in Russian. 'Im alone. I only have some rations and an empty canteen.' Runner held out his last fresh bandage to the other pony, moving his hoof in his direction. OOC: yeah. I hope this RP doesn't die
  9. Runner took a step back and tells back in broken English. 'Pony! Russia fighter!' he said, hoping this strange pony understood his meaning. He opened his saddlebags and approaches the other pony with bandages, motioning to the ones already on him. They were dirtier than Runners, so he figured he should replace them. Runner took slow steps towards the other stallion in the field.
  10. 'Yeah, it's getting tight. I'm ok though.' Runner said, taking a sip. Looking at the pony now turned to him, Runner nodded and asked him what was on his mind. 'Whats with you?' he said. Taking another sip, he scooted over closer to the pony in the corner. He was now in the adjacent seat...
  11. Finished all my school work, more time for forums!

  12. Runner moved from his chair, switching off his terminal. He began walking towards the mess hall, feeling peckish. He turned the corner and moved down the stairs, going into the diner themed mess. Walking up and sitting down , he looked to the cook. 'One apple cider please.' he asked. He saw another pony in the corner, but couldn't identify him at first. Ignoring it , he turned back to the counter.
  13. Maybe Vatrana can call you in? You are the assistant technician. Or maybe your just going about your day. Hey guys, i set it up to where it's easy for everyone to post an intro. So seriously, go over there and post.