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  1. I feel like we're going to see the closure of Discord and Fluttershy relationship in S9. Some things that make me think that way - Many show staff writers like Mike Vogel and Meghan McCarthy shipping it throughout the years - Andrea Libman who never shipped Fluttercord suddenly tease that Fluttershy crush on Discord - Recent comics seems to lead to revelations about Discord real love interest while he tries to get out from an abusive relationship with Cosmos. And writers of the comics usually have access to future season scripts - Spike pointing out that ship openly to the audience in Break Up Breakdown sound like something that Discord just doesn't want to admit Its still a speculation but out of all shippings seem to be the most visible by the writers and animators
  2. Literally everyone who didn't have anti-shipping googles was aware that this was a sign that Marble was attracted to Big Mac. What really changed is that Big Mac was only attracted to her and got over it after that episode. Marble didn't met any other stallions between that time as she lives shelltered life.
  3. Conred

    Male characters.

    There is so few male characters in MLP that they have to ship 4-5 female characters with one male to not leave anyone single
  4. Conred

    Season 10?

    Leaks mentioned that McCarthy was stressed of doing a lot of work like G4-S9, G5 and EQG in just one year, so i think Hasbro only moved G5 to 2021 so that she couls find time to finish G4 and all the specials and shorts for G4 and EQG. I really doubt she will find time for another S10
  5. Conred

    Discord in G5?

    Yeah, people shoudn't bet on Spike considering how unpopular he was with the writing crew and McCarthy. And If he's going to appear, he probably not going to be a kid and especially not interested in Rarity.
  6. Conred

    Discord in G5?

    Actually, there was not a single hint or mention of Spike in the leaks. No mentioning him in emails and no early designs of him. While with Discord, we at least got a new race of Longmas which are either the draconequus or Kirins of G5
  7. Conred

    Discord in G5?

    If they canonise FlutterCord in G4 then its very likely he will appear again as he would be permanently tied to Fluttershy character in future gens. Also leaks so far shown that a race of Longmas (dragon horses) exists so its very likely Discord might be one of them.
  8. If the VA was just joking then it would be pretty dumb joke. Its like saying in Lyra's voice that she has a crush on Bon Bon. The joke doesnt work if anyone already ship it. It would make more sense if she joked about Fluttershy crushing on Angel or anyone else.
  9. Its suppose to be the last season so the high stakes make sense. THere is no time for just random slice of life comedy, because even those episodes will focus on closing up arcs for all characters.
  10. Are we allowed to discuss spoilers and leaks? Because i can give an outline of an idea of what we about to see in S9
  11. Conred

    Anything You DON'T Want to See in Season 9?

    Thing i REALLY dont want to see in LAST season: - ANY focus on school and student 6 - there is no time to develop new characters anymore - Political messages especaily about racism because it doesnt apply to this universe. It work in our world because humans are similar and only different by skill color and culture. Creatures in Equestria are very different and you cant push bullcrap about Dragons who eat and burn ponies daily to be equal to other ponies. They are different species and you can't just force ants and ant eaters to live in peace. - mass shipping of Mane6 (i can accept some well developed ones like Rarijack, LyraBon or Fluttercord but lets just not go with "all mane6 get some random stallions" like Twilight did in Equestria Girls - story of Spikes real parents, its irrelevant and his last "dad" episode only made me sure that we dont really need that answer - just like with Student6, i really dont want any more new additions to develop. We need to focus on finishing all arcs of Mane6, Spike, Discord, Big Mac and Starlight. As well as Princesses, Tirek, Chrysalis, Starswirl, Pillars and CMC. NO TIME FOR NEW ARCS AND CHARACTERS - no special pandering episodes, unless its a 200th special then its ok - no OC's or any fandom references. They are just cringy.
  12. Conred

    Vote for the Best and Worst Episodes of Season 8!

    School Raze, Matter of Principals, Non Compete Clause, Yakkity Sax and Father know Beast were the WORST ABOMINATIONS of entire series and not just this season
  13. The only main characters that have a male close friend and possible romantic arc in S9 are Stralight with Sunburst and Fluttershy with Discord. Rest of the characters are either barely developed with any male character (Soarin, Cheese Sandwich, Capper, Zephyr, Quibble Pants) or they are too controversial for tv show (Spike/Rarity). Sure they can just create new love interests for them in S9 but it look like it will most likely end with Fluttershy being the only one getting shipped.
  14. Conred

    S07:E12 - Discordant Harmony

    Everyone working on the show if supporting them as a romantic couple.