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  1. Best part of it was Angel revealing that Fluttershy talk about marrying Discord when nobody beside animals are around.
  2. You discuss with person whose entire on line existance is hating on this ship. Even if they get married he will say his mantra on how people he knows disagree with this ship.
  3. I dont think Hasbro allow mane6 to get any confirmed boyfriend or husband. They want to leave door open for possibly returning to G4 as well as they don't want IDW comic or manga publisher to limit their stories. It would be hard for them to keep all those boyfriends relevant in each comic just like the show need to always bring Mad Briar with Maud. I guess Discord would be an exception since he usually hang around Fluttershy anyway so he might as well become her boyfriend officially as there is already very little difference between them being a couple and them being "close" friends.
  4. Impossible. I doubt any cartoon will be as popular. We live in times when theres now dozens of shows each year and dozen streaming services each year. The fandoms like Star Wars, Star Trek or Bronies will never appear. Especially now, when most shows try to appeal to a single group of political spectrum. Shows that are keeping it to the center or only focus on fun will also happen less often.
  5. They will only need a single hug while blushing in the Finale and its pretty much canon. Haters gonna hate but it is enough to make it canon after what they already teased this season
  6. The comics aren't canon. They made it clear with S9 Premiere bringing back Sombra even though he was reformed by Radiant Hope
  7. Frenemies and Beginning of the End were the best episodes so far. The rest were kind of Meh
  8. This is the last season. It will belong to Mane6 and Tiwlight. Be happy is Spike even play any role
  9. They just confirmed them as besties. While that alone doesn't mean they can't become a couple (Discord and Fluttershy for example are "Besties" but that can change too) I really doubt their status will change due to Spike's not growing up or aging. He is still a abby dragon who only grown wings, Rarity is still an adult and cant share the same feelings for him.
  10. I feel like we're going to see the closure of Discord and Fluttershy relationship in S9. Some things that make me think that way - Many show staff writers like Mike Vogel and Meghan McCarthy shipping it throughout the years - Andrea Libman who never shipped Fluttercord suddenly tease that Fluttershy crush on Discord - Recent comics seems to lead to revelations about Discord real love interest while he tries to get out from an abusive relationship with Cosmos. And writers of the comics usually have access to future season scripts - Spike pointing out that ship openly to the audience in Break Up Breakdown sound like something that Discord just doesn't want to admit Its still a speculation but out of all shippings seem to be the most visible by the writers and animators
  11. Literally everyone who didn't have anti-shipping googles was aware that this was a sign that Marble was attracted to Big Mac. What really changed is that Big Mac was only attracted to her and got over it after that episode. Marble didn't met any other stallions between that time as she lives shelltered life.
  12. There is so few male characters in MLP that they have to ship 4-5 female characters with one male to not leave anyone single
  13. Leaks mentioned that McCarthy was stressed of doing a lot of work like G4-S9, G5 and EQG in just one year, so i think Hasbro only moved G5 to 2021 so that she couls find time to finish G4 and all the specials and shorts for G4 and EQG. I really doubt she will find time for another S10
  14. Yeah, people shoudn't bet on Spike considering how unpopular he was with the writing crew and McCarthy. And If he's going to appear, he probably not going to be a kid and especially not interested in Rarity.