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  1. Hey Everyone!! It's been a loooooong time but I thought that it would be a great time to revive "The Super Amazing Mega Cheer-Up Thread" to help those who just need a bit of a laugh or a smile you know? If you're new to this thread the rules are simple just post funny things or heart warming things (Obviously within Forum rules) I love you all, SS Patches.
  2. Okay so it's been a whole long time since i've been on here but basically from a long story to a short story stuff has come up in my life that requires me to move away from home. Now you see that wouldn't be such a big problem but I am only 15 turning 16 so i essentially have to get disowned/emancipated just so i can actually get a place to live but to do that i need a good enough income to support myself as an adult (aka to pay bills and treatment). But the problem with all of that is is that i can't get a job. I don't have the skills needed to get one for those who don't know i suffer from Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety which just means i can't at all be social in real life unless i'm able to get comfortable with the person over a period of time. So basically i really am trying to move out by the coming school holidays but i'm starting to just think about giving up and waiting until i'm 18 but the thing is is that i wont be able to wait that long stuff at home will get worse and worse until i can barely handle getting up in the morning (which is already difficult now) or even just leaving my room to go outside (Again still kinda difficult now). So i have no damn clue as to what i should or shouldn't do I really do want to move out but my brain is stopping me and giving me massive fear all the time i try to apply for a job which even getting my CV was hard to do because i know that i need to get a job if i have one. In the end of this all i really don't know what to do anymore, I'm trying everything but i wont be able to do anything until i'm 18 or something.
  3. I would have to say Millbeeful He's a Welsh lets player that doesn't get the attention he deserves like he does do barely any editing in his videos but thats only because he feels like if he did make something that was edited extremely well it wouldn't get any views compared to something he records then does some light editing too (making sure that its not too quiet or loud) and he also plays some games with his dad who has become more popular than him in his own fanbase Also he is a Mindcracker who are a community of Minecraft let's players that all play on the same server together with some of the most funniest stuff to be created out of the community
  4. SS Patches

    Post your Desktop

    I guess i'll post my mess of a desktop SO DAMN MESSY!
  5. SS Patches

    Gaming What difficulty do you usually start at?

    when i first get a game that i've never played before i play on Easy just so i can see the story for what it is but after i complete it i wait a couple of weeks than bump it up to Normal as to see if i could manage the game on the highest difficulty
  6. SS Patches

    What would you do if you had a clone of yourself?

    hmm... a clone of myself with the same personality and looks.. well knowing me i'll probably fall in love with myself (That sounded better in my head) but for the most part i'd hug myself and be comforting towards it while allowing it to go to school and learn while i stayed home and just layed on my bed while on skype, like i always do, then switch up who goes to school and who doesn't just so the other has time to rest from the annoyance of people in my school or i'd go to school with it and play pokemon with it all the time and than formulate pokemon wifi setups and then record all the findings and experimentation that would be needed to be recorded on my laptop so i always have a record of it (but first i'll have to upgrade my PC so i can have skype on it :3) and yeah it'll be fun i suppose except for the absorbing memories part
  7. Oh thank the Golden Goddesses that there is a Lighting and Shading Tutorial here i really need to learn how to do shading XD and at least they are simple enough tutorial's i guess which for some reason i can never find... must be my bad luck
  8. SS Patches

    National Hug A Pony Day

    well i guess it's okay if it doesn't end in tragedy
  9. Hack EX Platforms: Android only Story/Plot: There is a very small Plot to this game where the goal is to become the best virtual hacker underneath an Alias by increasing your Rank and Reputation Gameplay: The Gameplay consists of three elements these elements are Scanning, Hacking, and Uploading and Downloading Scanning The Purpose of this is to find IP addresses to hack finding an IP address with a lower firewall level than your bypasser's level the reason for this is because it takes longer and has a lower chance of success but if you manage to get through a high leveled firewall means that you can hack a lot better stuff and take it for yourself Hacking Basically what you would expect this is where you can hack people's bank accounts and take what they have stored up in them and also when hacking you can check out a log that shows you what activity has been performed on the phone (things like what they have bought, money movement, what devices they have hacked, if someone has hacked them etc.) Uploading and Downloading Downloading is a process where you can download someone's firewall/whatever you need or want such as if someone you hack has a level 4 firewall and you only have a level 1 firewall you can just download their firewall for free and Uploading is where you can upload a virus onto them where you can either spy on them or just gain money per hour the virus is uploaded onto them Thoughts Hack EX is the type of game where you need just a smidge of luck by that i mean that you need a bit of luck to not be hacked and also it's a bit of luck to get through higher leveled firewalls though even though the game may be simple for some reason it's fun to play and if you have an Android phone it's something to check out if you seem like you like it Scoring I wont give it a score as i think it's only scored as what people think of the game but if you really do want a scoring from me it would have to be 3.5/5 it has a lot of wasted opportunity like there could have been just a bit more put in to the game but just wasn't put in there Anyway I have to go so.. See you all next entry I post
  10. SS Patches

    Hello? Any Australians out there?

    Hello and welcome to the Forums i see that you are looking for an Aussie? well you found one right here i hope you have a wonderful time here and that you meet and make a lot of friends (and maybe some rivals who knows?) anyway if you want to talk just send me a PM and i'll respond kinda quickly (i usually check the forums every couple of hours) but still anyway Have a great time here i'll look forward to seeing you around
  11. SS Patches

    Hub Logo Fan Club

    Welp my Derp Radar was going off for some reason i guess because of that i shall now join *Bows down to the Hub Logo* I DECLARE MY LOYALTY TO YOU MY GOD!
  12. SS Patches

    What is a typical day in your life?

    Well my exciting days are: School Days 7:30 AM - Wake Up 7:35 AM - Get Dressed for School 7:35 - 8:00 AM - Drink Water and Pack Bag 3:00 PM - Walk Home while listening to music alone 3:15ish PM - Go on Skype and check Forums 4:00 PM- Have Dinner 4:30 PM- Shower 4:50 - 9:30 PM - Skype and Computer stuff 9:30 PM - Go to bed 11:30 PM - Sleep Weekends 9:00 AM- Wake up 9:15 AM - 12:00 PM - Skype 12:00 PM - Lunch 12:05 - 4:00 PM - Skype 4:00 PM - Have Dinner 4:05 5:00 PM - Skype 5:00 - 5:20 PM - Shower 5:20 - 10:00 PM Skype 10:00 PM - Go to bed 12:00 AM - Sleep
  13. Well my friend, I Wish you the Greatest of luck and hope that you will Ace this exam of yours i might be a Native Speaker of English but i derp a lot and start speaking different languages to the point were i just call my English Derplish.
  14. SS Patches

    Gaming What VG Genres are You Best / Worst at?

    Well lets see what am i good at in terms of games Best Genres Stealth Shooters RPG's such as Pokemon and FF Brawlers such as Super Smash bros MMO's Worst Genres Rhythm Racing Hm... you know what? i'm going to Raise you Good/Worst and put a Decent Genres on my list (So Hardcore = Sir Derpy Knight XD) Decent Platformers Sports Casual Party and I believe that is all that the genres that i have played
  15. SS Patches

    Why I think my friends are going to kill me

    we don't have one at my school