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      There seriously needs to be an admin called Boop. There's a serious -oop imbalance right now.

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  2. Here's my new desktop. I upgraded to triple monitors so I figure I better have a new set of wallpapers Lol
  3. I feel I should post this here since I just made it... And it's a wallpaper. Also, so y'all wont get mad.. Here's an album with all my current wallpapers in it.
  4. I'm going to need some people to come and tell me if this new capture card is working ♥

  5. Since I couldn't upload them all at once here... here they all are.
  6. That's an interesting Banner that Mei made.

  7. Streaming the new eps for those who missed it

  8. I'll be streaming the Halo 4 gameplay as soon as I get home from the midnight release. There will most likely be a commentary while playing.