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  1. I just got home after being away for the weekend and the first thing I see when I come In is that I have 500 notifications...

  2. That feeling when you don't have been on the forum for 2 days and you have over 200 Notifications O.o

  3. I know i have seen she in ''A Canterlot Wedding'' but not in any other episode. I really think they should make so Vinyl is on the screen more and more episodes whit her. And thanks for the welcome
  4. How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hey everypony! My favorite pony was Rainbow Dash, but then I saw some videos on youtube on vinyl scratch and she was like my favorite pony directly. i really like that pony and i just have one question. Are there any episodes that Vinyl is the main character in? or at least one episode that she is with and talk to? If there is any episodes how many and which ones? Happy for answer and have a nice day/night! :3
  5. Godnight everypony, time for school tomorrow :( See ya all soon :3

    1. Silly


      See you, Dashie.

  6. Goodnight everypony, it's to late for me now, see yaa :3

  7. And you will always wake up by the sun when you sleep on the clouds, so awesome
  8. You two have so right, how awesome would it not be to fly in the clouds and fly wherever you want. Timebomb and thunder have the best reason to be a pegasi I totaly agree
  9. Thats true Polaris and Mikami but flying would have been more awesome I think But everyone has different opinions and like different
  10. Hello everypone. I've seen topics with questions about favorite ponies, so i decided to ask about your favorite pony race My favorite pony race is pegasus becous Rainbow dash is a pegasus and she is my favorit pony, and how awesome should it not be to fly? :3
  11. Thanks everypony for the welcome, i think it is going to be a great time here on the forum whit all of you ^^ :3