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  1. Just a guess, you have adobe illustrator or some similar product, also a tablet on which you can draw with?
  2. I didn't trace this time, but I think this one did better, partly because I made her smile and didn't do the wierd grr thing
  3. I do not have many (any) drawing pencils so my mechanical pencil is all I have. I tried doing the thing I saw in some tutorials and drew circles for the head the chest and flank, on this picture, on my other one, however (http://mlpforums.com/topic/84994-rainbow-dash-sketch/) I didnt notice how elongated I had made it until after I was done, but I'm sure even the best artists had trouble at first.
  4. xD I said in my previous post of rainbow dash, that I was bad at drawing, I just tried to draw something I'm familiar with. Also it might look bad because I'm using a mechanical pencil and a not so good eraser.
  5. This one is better than my last one. Ref. Image: Tell me what you think!
  6. I am pretty bad at drawing and this picture would have been worse if I didnt have a reference picture. Of course, I used a reference image. I realize the head is a bit stretched on mine, but I'm not good with drawing, and didnt quite notice till the end :/ so its not just messed up photo, thats what it looks like. I had trouble with the eyes mostly, the hair was fairly easy, but anyways, Tell me what you think! I'll try fluttershy instead I guess
  7. Agh I worked hard on my latest topic, but nobody replied to it

  8. normal fluttershy? pig fluttershy? too many fluttershy's! (fluttershies?)
  9. On average, How many times do you hug Fluttershy in a week?
  10. the mane reason I did this topic is so that you could read a short summary of the character and not anaylises (analisi?) that are long as this whole post on one pony.
  11. Flash is hard :/

    1. Raritas


      Tell me about it XD

  12. Not gonna lie, I had a hard time NOT using the r34 joke about how twilight has the best plot. I'm happy to see all these replies, thanks guys.
  13. Hey, it was the least I could do, you gave me a shout out. Ghost, I'll get a full fledged response to you tomorrow, I'm on my iPod right now, and don't feel like writing that much with my thumb.