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  1. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Rainbow Dash Sketch

    Just a guess, you have adobe illustrator or some similar product, also a tablet on which you can draw with?
  2. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Rainbow Dash Sketch

    I didn't trace this time, but I think this one did better, partly because I made her smile and didn't do the wierd grr thing
  3. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Rainbow Dash Sketch

    I didnt trace, I just looked at the image.
  4. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Fluttershy Sketch

    I do not have many (any) drawing pencils so my mechanical pencil is all I have. I tried doing the thing I saw in some tutorials and drew circles for the head the chest and flank, on this picture, on my other one, however (http://mlpforums.com/topic/84994-rainbow-dash-sketch/) I didnt notice how elongated I had made it until after I was done, but I'm sure even the best artists had trouble at first.
  5. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Fluttershy Sketch

    xD I said in my previous post of rainbow dash, that I was bad at drawing, I just tried to draw something I'm familiar with. Also it might look bad because I'm using a mechanical pencil and a not so good eraser.
  6. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Fluttershy Sketch

    This one is better than my last one. Ref. Image: Tell me what you think!
  7. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Rainbow Dash Sketch

    I am pretty bad at drawing and this picture would have been worse if I didnt have a reference picture. Of course, I used a reference image. I realize the head is a bit stretched on mine, but I'm not good with drawing, and didnt quite notice till the end :/ so its not just messed up photo, thats what it looks like. I had trouble with the eyes mostly, the hair was fairly easy, but anyways, Tell me what you think! I'll try fluttershy instead I guess
  8. --Rainbow-Dash--


    normal fluttershy? pig fluttershy? too many fluttershy's! (fluttershies?)
  9. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Ask Rainbow Dash

    On average, How many times do you hug Fluttershy in a week?
  10. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Thoroughly analyzing the Mane Six

    the mane reason I did this topic is so that you could read a short summary of the character and not anaylises (analisi?) that are long as this whole post on one pony.
  11. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Thoroughly analyzing the Mane Six

    Not gonna lie, I had a hard time NOT using the r34 joke about how twilight has the best plot. I'm happy to see all these replies, thanks guys.
  12. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Thoroughly analyzing the Mane Six

    Hey, it was the least I could do, you gave me a shout out. Ghost, I'll get a full fledged response to you tomorrow, I'm on my iPod right now, and don't feel like writing that much with my thumb.
  13. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Thoroughly analyzing the Mane Six

    Many people choose their favorite pony without researching or analyzing their choices. I know that many peoples' choices are background, secondary, and very rarely appearing ponies, but in this topic I will research one pony of your choice decided by a google survey at the end of this post. I will go in the order of their elements in the first episode, starting with Applejack. Applejack: This is going to be the hardest one to analyze, knowing that she does not get as much screen time as the other 5. It will also maybe be the shortest, knowing that Applejack is the most "straight-line" pony. Now, to the point of the topic. Applejack, at first was my favorite pony. I'm southern and used to work on a farm of sorts myself. Noted, I don't have the signature 'Southern' accent, I have had a few similar instances as her. For instance, I really wanted to live the city life, so I took a trip to Manhattan, to scope the place out for myself. Turns out, I really didn't like the place, and when I returned from my trip, I was as content as could be. Now, lets get to who she is, and what she does Who She is: Weaknesses: Stubborn, On occasion: does a job too well. Strengths: Strong, Persistent, She is very hard working and helpful to anypony who needs help. She is slightly stubborn and has a hard time accepting help from people when she really needs it. What she does: She has worked on the apple farm her whole life, and apples have become her whole 'thing.' To fans and even non-fans, all they have to go off of is that she really loves apples. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxAJqvslV7M She is one of the least explained ponies in the mane cast, and for a good reason. She, unlike the other five, has no aspirations, or goals. her cutie mark is apples, and she works on an apple farm. What could you possibly want if you are right where you want to be? Anyways, moving on to Fluttershy: Whew, already a long post, by my standards anyways. Fluttershy also used to be my favorite pony because I am usually shy around people I haven't been around a whole lot. I have an example of this. I went to a star trek convention in Orlando, FL. Patrick Stewart, of course, was there. I went into the trivia room, and his photo op room was separated next door by a cloth wall. he peeked his head in, and asked a question about a Shakespearean play, and in the back of my head, I knew the answer was Hamlet, but because the only other people there, were other celebrities and Patrick, I got real shy, and didnt answer. That was the answer. Who she is: Weaknesses: Shyness, Overly nice (The episode "putting your hoof down" will be discussed) Strengths: The Stare, Can befriend nearly any animal. She went to the same school as Rainbow dash but during a race, she fell off a cloud, and being a not very good flyer, she could not recover. she was saved, however, by a flock (herd?) of butterflies. she finds that she flies much better close to the ground and loves the animals. What she does: She is head of pretty much anything animal related in Ponyville. This includes, but is not limited to: music at the summer sun celebration, and waking up animals in the winter wrap up. I find that her introverted personality goes perfectly with her element being kindness. I don't know if it is just because I live around these people, but most shy people I know, are much nicer than most extroverts. Another thing about her, is that she really HAS to be shy, because it helps her with her animals, and when she tries to be more assertive in "Putting your hoof down" she seems to go a might overboard. She then settles the conflict by using the stare, instead of being aggressive and mean. And now, the one and only, Pinkie Pie: She tends to break the fourth wall, so... yeah With pinkie, we were actually introduced to her parents in her cutiemark story. though we do not know their names, we know that pinkie pie's name is really "Pinkamena Diane Pie." the fandom tends to call her that when she goes into her crazy mode. when she gets really depressed, and before she got her cutie mark, she had straight hair and is mopey not bouncy. Who she is: Strengths: Not really afraid of anything, The ability to break the fourth wall, throwing parties within a moments notice. Weakness: Pinkamena Diane Pie Although it is not explained how this came to be, she moved from her family's rock farm to ponyville and is currently the apprentice of Mr. and Mrs. Cake. She is head of nearly all parties in Ponyville. she can make anypony smile, and seems to break the fourth wall a lot. Now, the majestic and beautiful Rarity: Many People LOVE rarity, such as http://mlpforums.com/user/20419-ghostfacekiller39/, many people HATE rarity, same goes for tom. Rarity is a self-proclaimed dress designer. she, at some points, ignores and abuses her friends for fame and glory. but in the end she always comes around. Who she is: Strengths: Nice to everypony (example would be "Rarity Takes Manehattan") Weaknesses: Sometimes overwhelmed by pride and self worth, takes on jobs too much for her. Her parents dont get much screen time, but as we saw, they are very much different from rarity, and her dad might not even be a(n) unicorn. in her cutie mark story, she was a designer from a young age. she now takes a job as a dress and dress accessories pony in Ponyville. she does her job for passion, not always for fame. if she wanted to do it for fame, she could easily go to canterlot, or manehattan, but she doesn't. she seems to have a severe case of Automysophobia, or the fear of getting dirty. The fastest Flyer in all of equestria, Rainbow Dash: Based on birthstones, RD was either born in January or November, becuase those stones represent Loyalty and Faithfulness, in that order. Who she is: Weaknesses: Overly self-confident, milks being loved too much, shows off. Strengths: Perseveres, Fast, Agile. She never lets her friends be in danger for her own personal gain. From a young age, she never wanted to be the fastest pony, but when she went to race to bullies in her school, she found a need for speed and preformed the first ever Sonic rainboom. She preforms this a few other times in the show, once to save rarity, and once at princess cadence and Shining Armor's wedding. in a fan made work "Double Rainboom" she preforms a double rainboom and gets transported to the world of powerpuff girls. once again pinkie pie breaks the fourth wall out of the ball park in this one. Rainbow dash, is my current Favorite Pony. The Student of Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle: Besides the sort-of obvious joke that vampires in twilight sparkle, she is pretty much an open book (pun intended) she always helps her friends and looks out for them. Who she is: Strengths: Smart, Organized, Best magic pony. Weaknesses: Goes a bit insane when something might be late. over-prepares for stuff. She is the student of princess Celestia, and now has been turned into Princess Twilight, after learning everything and completely understanding how powerful and magical friendship really is. from the beginning of the story, she seems to not want any friends at all. but then she realizes that she really does need friends, and that friends are not only helpful, but they can help cheer you up and make your day just as sunny as on the summer sun celebration! That's all, Folks! if you wish to recommend a pony for me to analyze, go to this link:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f-c4Vj02j_U_zUYdjDz4RZdnqMzZlLSqRQ8xEVRGWGU/viewform pick a pony that I did NOT already analyze. REMEMBER This is open for discussion below, share your opinions and tell if I did a good job or not. (hopefully you didn't notice how my writing got worse slowly over time) xD
  14. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Adobe Flash?

    it could be also be that the puppet im using it too complicated
  15. --Rainbow-Dash--

    Outside of Equestria?

    this still implies that equestria is not the entire being of land that they have, again, saddle arabia is not on there.