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  1. Happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a great time~ ^.^

  2. Actually alicorns just age slowly, according to "The Journal of the two sisters", so ya, they BOTH will eventually die of old age.
  3. @Pinkamena-Pills See was that so hard? Please, as if they'll ever let any of it be canon.
  4. @Pinkamena-pills Hmmm, can't tell if they don't like the concept, or because of Obvious.
  5. I've been thinking lately, who would win in a fight? Cupcake's Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena Diane Pie? You can use anything from the fandom about them BUT it has to be about that version of the great Butcher; for example: You can't use information about Pinkamena for Pinkie and vise versa. Now then, let the battle begin!
  6. They better make an interaction between pinkie pie and surprise, I mean that would just blow my mind!
  7. Pros: -Luna is back -return of sapphire shores Cons: -Sweetie Belles attitude(The negative) She seems a little selfish in her situation with Rarities Generosity un-intentionally upstaging her.
  8. The flower can talk, either the potion did it or it is just a weird magical plant.
  9. holy crap what a face from fluttershy.
  10. This better be good. We don't need a half assed episode after season 4 so far.
  11. I mentioned earlier that we should call her Vinkie, v for violet.