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  1. I think you don't even know me, yet you like Sugar Sprinkles a lot. Do you like me as much as you like Sugar?

  2. I personally find it complete and total bullshit that they monitor your facebook, at least for stuff like this, I understand it for when there is bullying and harassment, but this is ridicolous, I know sugar sprinkles (she is my girlfriend) and I saw the pictures and video that was posted, nothing bad was being done in either of them and both were posted from her phone on her 3G, paid for by her parents, ans she is 18 and everyone in the picture and video wanted and did not care if it was taken, and the picture and video was set where only friends could see it, and you are not allowed to be friends with teachers or staff from the school, so that means that they had to have bypassed the security on her facebook to see it, and she is 18, meaning she has full facebook security privelages, and they were still able to access and see what she did, I count that as an invasion of privacy as it was set on a private setting, not public, and they still accessed it without her permission and threatened her with punishements for it, also the school has no rules in the handbook against taking pictures or videos and says that phones can be used during lunch and studyhall and in classes with teacher permission, so I don't know how in any of your eyes this could seem fair and just, but in mine it just seems an invasion of privacy and unfair
  3. he was high on many drugs and was still alive!
  4. no apocalypse, no problem, just another year and another fake end of the world theory
  5. wow, he is an idiot, i wonder how he finally managed to get it off though lol
  6. he was high out of his mind on many drugs, zombies cannot and will not ever exist
  7. so fake, just drugs, zombies dont and cant exist, there whole existence is flawed, there only way to get food or reproduce is to fight their number one predator, it doesnt make any sense