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    Parents Basement, somewhere in New Zealand
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    Music is my safehouse.
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    Music -- My life, I adore all kinds of music, nothing short of a fanatic when it comes to discussing that stuff

    Pokemon -- My childhood, I grew up with the Gameboy Advance and Pokemon Emerald. Sorta explains my love for Sableye, too :P He was amazing in that game.

    Yu-Gi-Oh -- I lost interest in it, because I have nobody to play with :(

    Writing -- I've lacked inspiration to write stories for a while now, so I've taken it upon myself to write detailed character bios in the meantime.

    Sexuality -- Who gives a damn, honestly.

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  1. Emotions... never know what you changelings are able to do with your magics.
  2. *slides into the threads DMs and slides right back out*
  3. I'm not sure whether to give you crayons and a colouring book, or call the police.
  4. Where's my lewd stamp? I must slam everyone involved in the face with this, including you!
  5. I thought doctors were supposed to save patients, not stop their hearts. Daddy Discord? Yes? No?
  6. I don't think cute is the correct word to describe you...