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  1. Blimey, I honestly didn't think that my little post would cause such havoc. Sorry you guys As someone who is relatively new to the fandom, may I ask why Equestria Girls is viewed with such anger? I mean, is it just that it was even produced instead of a longer Season 3, or is it that it's a merchandising thing? Like, a cash in on the name? I watched the movie and thought it was alright until it all went batshit crazy in the last section and always thought a new one would undoubtedly be in the works - I'm just surprised it's caused such rage.
  2. The POP ponies are indeed very small, but they actually look pretty good - like the wee vinyl ones you get in the bags. Each one comes with bits of furniture and accessories that go into the separately available play set house thing which'll apparently retail for around £15-20.
  3. Yup, as I said on the other thread, two different folks at Hasbro said that it was the upcoming movie. That was all though, aside from a brief mention of a character called "Shifting Sunset" - when I asked if the meant Sunset Shimmer, they both went "oh yeah! That one!" (Seriously Hasbro, get your people to at least learn what they're selling!)
  4. I would be entirely alright with that, but the stuff I saw was less Rocks and more... Ummmm... Could I say "gentle"? It certainly won't be troubling my playlists.
  5. The film is seemingly coming. I spent the day at the Toy Fair in London where they were heavily pushing Equestria Girls 2 - Twilight heads back to the mirror world and the girls put a musical group together. The apparent title is Rainbow Rocks (as that's what their backdrop was on the stage set for the toys). No more information at all, just a short loop of footage running endlessly of a dance routine that's in the movie. Pinkie will be playing the drums! And that's it! There's a whole range of new toys including a DJ Pon-3 car, which I assume is also going to be in the film. When will we see this all though? No idea. Sometime this year though.
  6. Hey all! Just got back from the London Toy Fair at Olympia where I managed to get a tour of the Hasbro stand where - of course - they had a bunch of new toys that are due for release this year. In all honesty, there's not a huge amount of new Pony merchandise in the plush end of the range. I saw some small (like 6") Twilight alicorn ones that I'd not seen previously, and there's a range of 28" plushies coming from Ty this year - just the main six though. The dude showing us around didn't know that much about the toys, sadly. There's a new range called Rainbow Power that I *think* will be based around the mysterious elements that we've seen so far in season four - Rarity's thread spool and Dashie's badge. They had a couple of weird toys on display, a hair brushing RD and scooter, that kind of stuff. One thing they're really pushing is their POP range - basically, build and customise your own ponies. You get these pony bodies that come on sprues that you POP out (get it?) and push together. They come with loads of accessories and have holes all over the body to push said bits and pieces into. You could have, for example, a Fluttershy body with Twilight wings and Pinkie hair, that kind of thing. There'll also be a play set for you to show them off in. Oh, and they're teeny - about 2" high. The HUGE push though? The new Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks. The girls are back and performing in a battle of the bands - each come with their own instruments, and Pinkie has a drum kit! There's a big stage for them to perform on, and loads of other characters will be released for the movie too. Best one? DJ Pon-3, who has a car! With the windshield that looks like sunglasses! That can be removed so you can wear them! And that was about it. Esdevium had the CCG on display at their stand, and a couple of the other companies exhibiting had some random merch - old school Ponies (like, G1 style) on lunch boxes and key rings - but really, the meat of the new gear was on Hasbro's stand. Of course, there are no photos - sorry! Visitors we're banned from taking pictures but I have an EPK, so if there's any images in that I'll post them up. Happy to answer any questions too
  7. Sounds like you're in the UK, in which case head to your nearest Waterstones bookseller. They'll either have it in stock or will be able to order things in for you - it's on their system and can be picked up from Esdevium, the UK distributors. Also, I think you're going to have to move into the 21st century and start trusting online retailers - just order from reputable places who offer restitution if the stuff they deliver to you is damaged. There are plenty of companies who offer replacements if things they send out to you aren't precisely how you expect them to be.
  8. Guys, if you've not got the Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie Starter Set, I'm running a little giveaway over on my games site. You'll have to be a little creative, but there's three packs to be won! If you're interested, have a look here: Cheers all!
  9. Yup, they're in the warehouse now, should be shipping next week to stockists
  10. Another episode of my show, another interview with someone who had a hand in making the CCG! This time I got to speak with lead designer Darrell Hardy about how he helped put the game together as well as his newest project, Ghost Punchers. There are a few hints as to stuff you can expect from MLP CCG in future too - nothing major, but it's interesting stuff! If you'd like to have a listen - Cheers all! Michael
  11. That AMA that Enterplay did a wee while back, they said there's no limit to the amount of cards in a deck. Hell, both the Theme Decks are way over 45 cards too.
  12. I spoke with them too, looks like mid-January for a release!
  13. @RockinRarity - you're not limited to 45 cards, remember. You can have as many as you like in a deck; my current RariDash deck is 51.
  14. Once my cards come through from the US and I get to grips with the game, I'd be happy to help out! Still sitting by the door, waiting for the post to arrive...
  15. There's plenty of stuff, you've just got to know where to look - and not expect too much from the high street. If you're after merch, hit the comic shops, take a breath and ask them to order stuff in for you if there's nothing you like the look of. And man, don't complain when you've got an internet connection! The world is your oyster! Hit up redbubble or welovefine, find a shirt you like and wear it with pride!