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  1. Hey everyone (or...well, you know), I know I haven't been posting here in a long while so I feel slightly gross about this but...I'm also an editor at a small, game and media focused website called Pixel Response. It largely focuses on podcasting, with three different core podcasts, Retro Killscreen (classic games), Indie Talk! (interviews with indie game developers) and the main Pixel Response podcast where a friend and I discuss the games, films and whatever else we've been enjoying lately. We also post written articles on occasion, largely our movie guy Matt who reviews things and there is the odd special episode of the podcast that focuses on other stuff (interviewing Lauren Wainwright, a pretty active UK video-game blogger, a gent behind the film Thankskilling, Feminism in games, and other diverse topics). Anyway, sorry if this seems a bit like a shill, but I'm pretty proud of the work we're doing over there and any and all feedback would be appreciated on any of those. We DO record primarily over Skype, so any audiophiles out there, sorry about that, but we're constantly examining options on improving our stuff. Enjoy and thanks for your time.
  2. I actually really liked that they managed to reform him, think that was what made me a bit irritated with those season 2 episodes is they didn't really deal with the problem they just froze him and called it a day. With Luna they actually were able to make her good again, which the optimist in me always appreciates seeing. I'm a fan of the notion of reform in real life as well, advocating mental care and well-maintained prisons over the death penalty (sorry to get all dark), so I was rather delighted that Fluttershy was able to appeal to Discord's better nature and give him some perspective. That said, felt such a big topic was a bit rushed in the actual episode itself, but the message of it appealed to me enough that I think it stands as my favorite season 3 episode.
  3. Happy B-day :D

    1. Kraznor


      Thanks, sorry I'm late saying that, wasn't able to log in for awhile (forgot my password, then got locked out from attempting different stuff, then forgot about it)

    2. zHiddenz


      No prob, hope u had enjoyed that special day :D.

  4. I have a cat, his name is Vincent (was way into Final Fantasy VII at the time) and he is about eight years old. Our family acquired him as a kitten and I adopted him maybe...hmm, a year and a half ago? My parents were kind of sick of all the noise he'd make at night and such. He is part Manx, which is a breed that doesn't have a full tail (little stump tail, klnda like a Lynx). Manx are largely used as barn cats, and his mother was indeed found at a farm near the school I used to go to. But yeah, he's a cool little guy. Bit overweight at this point, been trying to find a healthier food for him. He can't really go outside anymore as the fourplex I live in doesn't have a fence around it, so he really doesn't get a lot of exercise. Bought a leash for him but...walking cats doesn't seem to work. He just squirms out of it every time and runs away.
  5. I've seen merchandise around, coloring books at Toys R' Us and the local drug store (weirded out some former co-workers with that one. "Avengers sticker book? Pshaw, none of that for me thanks. Wait, MLP coloring book?!?! I don't have this one yet! Huzzah!"- slightly paraphrased) Got some easter chocolate, a mini-puzzle, a Pinkie Pie flashlight projector thing (range on it is terrible, but having transparent Pinkie Pie slides can only be a good thing), and the shirts others have stated seeing at Hot Topic (which are apparently made for people without shoulders). As for seeing the actual show playing, no, that has yet to happen. Tons of fans at the local comic expo (Calgary Comic Con, video of the noisy panel went up on EqD a couple weeks back), and apparently a dude at the local mall was wearing a shirt, but I didn't notice him, friend pointed it out and at that point he was maybe fifty feet away so running up and shouting "bro-hoof!" would have been disruptive or unseamly (I was wearing a shirt prominently featuring Pinkie and Fluttershy at the time, but still felt it would only be awkward). Other than that, my shirt has been acknowledged a couple times by baristas, ticket-tearers and such, but have yet to be the one noticing someone ELSE wearing MLP stuff.
  6. I gave her Air's second album "Talkie Walkie", in an effort to broaden her musical palette some. My Dad and I took her to the zoo and out to pizza as well, and there was a lunch at my Grandmother's before all that. Twas a great day indeed.
  7. This was my favorite "Welcome" gif I got when I joined the herd. I humbly present it to you.
  8. On this test I scored 129. Earlier this year I took the official Mensa exam. The one they used was the Wonderlic, on which I got 93% (they require 98%). That translated to about the same, 128, so this online test of yours may have something to it. But yes, any kind of IQ testing is highly subject to your state at the time of taking the test and your score can change over time. Or so they told me.
  9. Apply for citizenship. Not sure who to go to first. The mayor maybe? Get the paperwork going. Probably have to talk to Celestia at some point, though more likely I'd send a letter to her, sure she is too busy. Considering everyone in this thread is apparently showing up, wouldn't be the only human around, so that's cool. I'd definitely defer leadership to the ponies, they seem to have a firmer handle on things than we do. After that, dunno, help out however I can. A job at Sweet Apple Acres probably makes the most sense. Being a primate, can scramble up trees and such. Build a ladder maybe. Dunno. Course, they seem to just buck the trees but I suspect that causes SOME bruising so could help avoid that. And yeah, just adapt to life in Ponyville I suppose. Visit Canterlot at some point, check out Manehattan, maybe Fillydelphia...I really should stop thinking this way. They must make that Animal Crossing clone I keep wishing for. Somepony somewhere, develop that. I will help out however I can.
  10. I am still under the general impression that happens less and less often as we continue as a species. Lessons from previous conflicts are becoming almost impossible to avoid. So, time will tell, I guess. I choose to remain optimistic on the matter.
  11. No, it really doesn't. Soldiers only exist because other soldiers exist. It's an absurd game based on mutual fear and distrust. I hope to see the day when all soldiers are unemployed. You know, because peace? That thing? (incidentally, your profile pic makes it look like Rarity has major issues with what I'm saying. Which is perfect. Well done) I'd say the difference in those situations is one is a war of words, whereas the other is just violence. Wars of words should and will always exist, that is fine. It is when it gets to a point where things devolve into idiots hitting each other rather than admitting their own failings and shortcomings that you have a problem. I believe that embarrassing tendency can be overcome, in favor of really really awkward yet passionate discussions.
  12. Some still do, but again, education has humbled humanity in a way. Evolution, particularly, showcases the kinship we have with all living things, so the arrogant notion we are somehow inherently better than all other life is more apparently absurd than ever before. We are just as fragile as anything. Yes, we can speak and have a high degree of intelligence, but that only makes us more responsible for our actions. I would say the number of people that pridefully boast of their possessions and seek to exert power over others is on the decline (I should hope so anyway, certainly seems to be within my social circle). So we are on the right track as a species. Let's hope we work through these growing pains and get back to what's important sooner rather than later.
  13. War is an embarrassment at this point. A reminder of how stupid and terrible we can be. At this point, there is no excuse for them to continue. Even those who haven't experienced it firsthand (such as myself), can access thousands of hours of footage, millions of photos, thousands of testimonials saying, essentially, that war is a terrible idea, nobody wins, its not worth it, its hell, etc. So education will defeat this stupid, moronic tendency we have to fight over temporal stuff that does not matter. Ever see Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" video? Perfectly summarizes how moronic it is to fight over anything as we are so small and insignificant in the grand scheme, it makes more sense to work together to accomplish something far greater than ourselves than try to claw our way to the top of this little dirt heap we call home. This is why I don't get Bronies/Pegasisters who are in the army. You know that contrasts with the message of friendship and love and peace that is at the heart of the show you claim to cherish, right?
  14. Needed some kind of unique handle for gaming purposes and came up with this in an IM discussion maybe ten years ago. At this point, it is just associated with so much stuff I might as well stay consistent.