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  1. Changeling vs. Dragon, coming soon to SyFy! ...no wait, scratch that. It's too good. Go figure guest characters would steal the spotlight from Spike in his own episode. Not that it took much... The premise is one that's been done to death in countless other kids shows & cartoons, along with several sitcoms. Done better too. So I can't say I was happy with it. Especially since Spike was a total idiot about it. It's even worse that he did one stupid, thoughtless, borderline counterproductive thing after another. Also not happy that the map choice him of all people to solve a
  2. That's not so surprising. Talking about sequels before the first one it released it quite common these days (sadly). Though it'll depend on how this one does first. Shoot, it's happened several times when a series--or even a cinematic universe--was in the planning stages, then they had to quit because things didn't go as well as expected.
  3. This is another episode that reminds us why we like FiM in the first place. It's a weak story with a moral/lesson we've seen before, and better, (not just here, but other kids' shows) made MUCH better than it should be by its star characters. It's (almost) ALWAYS a fun time with Discord. Fluttershy was in good form too. Lot's of cute/amusing/fun stuff here. I just hope that John D. and Andrea were paid double since they were almost the only VAs here.
  4. Sometimes you think FiM is passed its prime and is just going through the motions...then an episode like this will come along to remind you why you liked it in the first place. That was the most emotional episode we've had a in long time, and one of the sweetest all together. Plus, it was interesting seeing younger versions of older ponies. Now if they could just tell Granny Smith's real name...Celestria knows that was the best song we've had in years. I just wished they'd done this a lot sooner instead of wasting all those years of acting like Ma & Pa Apple didn't exist.
  5. Pony Ball Z: Battle of Alicorns! This one of those times an episode helps the other characters than the main one. Starlight is just as much of a Sue than ever, and I find it laughable they said that going with her gut is okay when all that has EVER done is lead to bad situations. So I'll take this as a Celestria & Luna episode instead and it's a lot better. They both got some much needed personality and development--especially Celestia--along with some amusing moments. And I'm kind looking forward to the fanart those dream bubbles will lead to (ALL HAIL QUEEN DERPY!)
  6. "UNDER THE SEA! UNDER THE S--" "Quiet! Do you want us to get sued?"
  7. An lo, those who made Firefly RD's mom in fan labor felt a great sense of sorrow.Yay, though many of us saw it coming, it still hurts some...Bukcing litigation. You think they could've at least thrown in a little Firefly toy for the more attentive & eagle-eyed (who make up a good chunk of viewership)Though who else cracked up at seeing Derpy in first place? Suddenly her stealing the spotlight from the Mane 6 feels justified. She used to be the best, then kept getting knocked down pegs, and now she's out for revenge!Though this is makes things even MORE suspicious about about Scootaloo's fa
  8. Here we go again... I won't break any records, but I expect it to make enough to earn back its budget and possibly spawn a sequel (even if it's released directly on home media)
  9. It's usually a good time with Maud. Especially since this time she got some much needed extra depth and facets. (and Go figure she'd not notice a giant eel had ate her) But the episode loses points for having Starlight. Even if it did give her a desperately needed facet, and she told Pinkie what needed to be said. Them joking about her misdeeds is seriously getting old... What really bothers me is Pinkie. She redeemed herself in last act, but before that it was one of those episodes where she's thoughtless (both ways) nuisance. When you're own family is annoyed with you, you're faili
  10. RIP Grogar in Friendship is Magic. DHX, Imma EXTREMELY disappoint...
  11. All these years, I thought they were saving Grogar up for a premiere or finale. Heck, he could've been the big bad of a whole storyline! Instead he's reduced to being a children's book. And in an episode with Flurry Heart. This adding insult to injury, but I'm not sure which is which...
  12. ALLLVVVII-oops, wrong show there DIIISSSCOOORRDDD!!!
  13. Eh, just a teaser to let us know it's coming. Not much to get excited over. Though I do have one question... Was that Firefly, or just a pink pegasus with a blue mane & tail?
  14. They should release another trailer build around Pinkie's 4th wall breaking One thing they could do is have them talk about the new animation. Fluttershy or AJ: Does anypony else feel really different somehow?
  15. Gee, ya think? :-P Though FiM has more substance and depth beyond just saying "BUY OUR TOYS!!", which is more than I can say for Transformers, Power Rangers, and the last MLP Movie. So I at least HOPE it does more than pimp new toys and accessories...
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