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  1. clockwork24

    Tron Twilight!

    Hey guys, how's it going? You should totally check out this piece of fanart I did! What do you think? Is there anything I can do better in my vectors? Link to DA Post: My deviantart:
  2. clockwork24

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Hey, check it out! Fanart, yaay! (Link to source: (My deviantart:
  3. clockwork24

    Art Dump!

    Hey guys, how's it going? I haven't posted at all on the forums in well over a year, and I thought I would kick things back off with an art dump! My DeviantArt can be found here: (Some of my best works) If you want to see more, check out my gallery! If there's any critiques or comments you have, it would be really appreciated!
  4. clockwork24

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Yoshikupo, @@Illiad Easle, "Anyways, thanks for the welcome, I suppose~ Being honest, that other guy with the taking horse sort of creeps me out... I've got this running deal with the reaper letting me stay in this suit of armor, and if he's not a ghost, then what is he? Well, My name is Slaith, what's yours?"
  5. clockwork24

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, "Thank you kind, erm, horse I suppose..." The knight grabbed the hoof and pulled himself upright, his helmet still on the ground. "My name is Slandarin Gorbag, though I simply go by Slaith. I've actually been at this haunting business a while now, with my soul on lease from Death himself~" He popped his back into place, then picked up his helmet, brushing off the dirt before gently placing it back where it belonged, concealing the fact that he was dead. Looking around and seeing the rest of the group, he curiously asked, "So what are you all doing out in the woods this far? I'd assume it's either got something to do with that dragon, or this huge tower, right?"
  6. clockwork24

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, A sudden scream in the distance slowly grew louder as a grayish dot grew larger in the sky. After impacting a tree not far from the group, Slaith fell to the ground with a 'whump,' landing face first, causing his helmet to fall off his shoulders and roll to the feet of someone's horse. "ouch..." "Oh sorry, excuse me, but could you give me a hand here? Some stupid monster chucked me half across the forest, and I must say I feel quite dizzy~" The suit of armor over by the tree shakily stood up and then leaned on it's trunk, revealing that it was empty.
  7. clockwork24

    Planning Fantasy RP

    Okay, I can dig it~ Is the tower in the forest, or somewhere else?
  8. clockwork24

    Planning Fantasy RP

    Okay, would you guys be mad if I like crossed out my opening post or something so I could interject my character as already being in the tower maybe? I sort of missed the 'introductions boat'...
  9. clockwork24

    Planning Fantasy RP

    Okay, holaholaholahola, what's gone down so far? I've been at dance practice for the past two hours, and I saw like 50+ notifications from the rp. Could someone fill me in?
  10. clockwork24

    Planning Fantasy RP

    @ Psst, I'm not floating... It's a full suit of armor, it's just hollow, so at first glance nothing seems out of the ordinary...
  11. clockwork24

    Private Fantasy RP

    The hay in the back of a passing cart stirred as it passed through the marketplace. Slaith sneezed as some of it got inside his helmet, which moved enough out in front of his face for him to see he was inside a town. Pushing his way out of the back of the cart, followed by a cascade of stuff, he hopped onto the cobblestone road with a dull clank. Waving goodbye to the cart driver, Slaith proceeded to shake some hay out of his joints, and headed over to the nearest group of people, intending to get some information on his location. @, "Excuse me," he said with a metallic voice. "Are you a local? I need some information about the surrounding area."
  12. clockwork24

    Planning Fantasy RP

    @@Yoshikupo Haha, nice~
  13. clockwork24

    Planning Fantasy RP

    (Ah yiss, an amazing looking roleplay!) Name: Slandarin Gorbag Alternate alias: Slaith Age at death: 29 Current Age: 237 Gender: Male Race: Human Ghost Physical description(or picture): A large black suit or armor that is completely empty, held together and animated by the soul of a deceased swordsman. The armor has broad shoulders, a thick build, and large plates covering the thighs and shoulders. Personality: Stoic and imposing at first, Slaith is actually a big softie once you get to know him. He is very loyal, and died whilst protecting his friends. Skills: Through his death, Slaith has achieved a form of immortality. Even if a single scrap of his armor remains, his soul will stay chained to this plane of existence due to a unique deal with Death. Other than that, he has exceptional strength, quick reflexes, and a mind sharpened by many centuries of experience. Magical or otherwise abilities: N/A Backstory: As a boy, his parents encouraged Slaith to join a local guild, which trained him to be a soldier in a king's army. He worked hard, honing his swordsmanship skills, slowly but surely becoming one of the best fighters in his village. On his 29'th birthday, he and some of his friends went Orc hunting, but were ambushed by a large group of bandits. He fought valiantly, but was killed by a sniper's arrow. He saw Death himself, come to guide his soul somewhere else, but managed to barter his way into staying by offering Death a favor of Death's choosing. He then possessed a suit of armor that his father had forged. Weapons/Gear: Other than his suit of armor, Slaith has a large broadsword which can be slung across his back. He can also store tools and food for others inside his empty torso. Companions(if any): N/A Motivation(i.e. Why they are seeking the relic): Suprisingly, this relic is one of the items that Death requires him to retrieve if he is going to be able to remain on this Earth.
  14. clockwork24

    OOC Superheroes RP (OOC)

    Is it too late to join? This looks like a cool rp, and I've got some cool characters that would be great for this~
  15. clockwork24

    What did you dream about last night?

    Okay, I really need to unload this... I had this nightmare last night, which took place at this weird school building that I've been seeing in previous dreams over the course of this past month. It was raining pretty bad, and all I could feel was danger as I ran through the crowded halls already filled with hundreds of other students and people trying to escape. I think that there was someone with a weapon, a gun maybe, and that he was loose in the upper floor of the building in the middle of a killing spree. Stuff happened that I can't fully remember, then it ended up as a firefight between me and the man whose face I never saw. I managed to get out through a shot-out window on the first floor, and seeing a bunch of school-busses leaving the parking lot in a hurry, I found the one I took in high school; (Bus 10-04) and ran on just as the doors were closing. The bus behind us exploded in a sea of glass as the gunman shot out it's windows, and when I ducked down, I noticed that I was closely gripping a small black handgun that I didn't remember taking with me. I woke up then, and I just had to lay there for a bit before I could calm down...