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  1. Dalken Starbyne

    just to see you- a hearts and hooves day track

    Nice track! Very soothing to listen to.
  2. Excellent arrangement! Wonderful to listen to. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Dalken Starbyne


    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! And I'm doing pretty well, Nightfall, thank you!
  4. Dalken Starbyne


    Heyo! I make music. I like video games, reading, and roleplaying, and I'm a big fan of Princess Luna. I also do voice over sometimes. Nice to meet everyone!
  5. Dalken Starbyne

    Balefire Malady

    A piece inspired by a Fallout: Equestria campaign in which I took part. It's a song about lost dreams, and poison in the soul. Balefire doesn't always have to burn from the outside in... This song is also available through Pony.fm: https://pony.fm/tracks/36333-balefire-malady