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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Yoh, How's everyone doing?\

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    2. Alastor


      I am done for now, considering I am back in school. Worked for over 3 months in construction :)

    3. Dark Heart

      Dark Heart

      Neato, Well good luck in your studies then ^^

    4. Alastor


      Thank you very much ^w^

  3. Yoh hows everypony doing

    1. Alastor


      Pretty nice. How about you?

    2. Dark Heart

      Dark Heart

      good good just pransing around xD


  4. Hello...been a while hu!? i'm alive but barely, hopefully everyone's better ^^

    1. Kyoshi


      :o Welcome back! ^_^
    2. Dark Heart

      Dark Heart

      thx not officially back but i'll try to be on more often.

    3. Alastor


      Hello there, good to know that you are alright :)

  5. ... jingle, jingle, jingle... *leaves you a new acoustic guitar* ... jingle, jingle, jingle...

  6. Happy Birthday :D :D :D *Hugs* :D :D :D I hope you have a wonderful day :D :D :D

  7. ... lurk, lurk, lurk... *leaves a bag of candy* ... lurk, lurk, lurk...

  8. mmmm so fluttershy is an otaku hu? who knew xD

    1. Dark Heart

      Dark Heart

      In case you are wondering what am talking about xD

      "Spoiler FYI"


  9. Finally back home now to rest up and recover after 3 surgeries :P

    1. Alastor


      *Hugs* I hope you will be alright :). Good that you are home :).

    2. Dark Heart

      Dark Heart

      yeah 3 minor back surgeries so i'll be bed for around a week doing some light physical therapy after that it goes back to normal life i guess xD

  10. Your last status update was half a month ago - just felt like putting something here!

  11. First back operation succesful yay

  12. Hello everyone its me again, xD going to the hospital yet again i'll be away from forum for at least a month so if you had any request sorry but i wont be able to make them until i come back and thx for understanding

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    2. Alastor


      I hope everything is alright. Starting to get a little worried about your health :(. I hope everything will be ok *Hugs*

    3. Dark Heart

      Dark Heart

      @Jonas thx

      @Lunar dunno how much fun you can get at a hospital specially with the ugh xD but thx

    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Just take care of yourself okay :)

  13. If you mean the texture on the background no, but i did the rest, the texture i found from an old wallpaper a friend made me a long time ago decided to use it xD hum...if you gonna put you're oc in it yeah a .png file works the best in my experience since you just have to paste it on top of it in a new layer and resize and whola xD I use Paint.net for the most part for special effects on letter and such i use a free version of adobe xD Sure np thats what i mainly made it for so use it as you please ^^ just give me credit xD
  14. Im back from medical treatment everything went ok xD sry if i didnt answer anything kinda off the grid social wise xD