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  1. Sometimes you need a little bit of a break to find yourself.

  2. Happy Harthswarming!

    It's been a busy year! and next year will hopefully be busier! 

  3. Hey! Don't diss Elite It's improved over the last few months, and now has a decent level of things to do. Exploring in a space sandbox Is always fun when you turn the Radio on!
  4. Frozen The Unicorn

    Hello all!

    Howdy @Joystick Welcome to the Forums I'm sure you're going to have an awesome time here! Ranks are calculated by post count, and are awarded at set milestones It's really easy to set your signature! General Questions for the show, could probably go into Show Discussion In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Hope This Helped! Please don't hesitate to reply or PM me if you need more help
  5. Frozen The Unicorn

    Mega Thread BronyCon 2017

    Bronycon 2017! Use this thread to discuss the Convention! This Includes things like Introducing yourself, organising Carpool, and rooming arrangments! and meetups! Poniverse at Bronycon 2017! Apple Dash, Feld0, Mercury and Pepper will be leading the expedition to BronyCon this year, which will likely be an informal promoting trip, as well as Enjoying the Convention. The team will be lugging some Poniverse T-Shirts and Stickers along, so if you're in the area you might be able to meet the gang! and pick up some goodies Yes, Dear Forum Goer, I did. The gang will
  6. To shed a little light on the topic, We Typically Only have a subsection for conventions when we are direct and current partners with them. Part of the partnership agreement usually includes Poniverse Hosting a Sub-Section for their use on the forums. As of this time, we have no "Formal" partnership with Bronycon or EQLA. This might change in the future. Nope, The time scale and size of the con means dedicating a lot of resources and time to having a "Formal" Presence at the convention such as a Partnership, Poniverse Panel or a Booth. That's not to say we don't want to! and over
  7. This has been something that has been happening all the way since Season one Spike's character seems to be on call depending on if he's needed or not. It's sometimes nice when we get excuses about where he is (Hoofball with Big Mac), but there are episodes where he really does just drop off the map. I mean, it is Spike, the writers rewrite him every season
  8. Frozen The Unicorn

    ☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

    Yum! Pickled Herring!
  9. Most Definitely Lalaloopsy brand, or someone trying imitate the style with MLP. Funnily enough they have their own TV Show Someone's copying Hasbro
  10. If your unable to delete it, go ahead and report it Asking the staff for help via the report system is probably the speediest way to get it removed!
  11. I'm Torn. On one-half, It's funny and Wacky. On the other, it's Repetitive and feels staged. It's still fun to binge occasionally, I just have to make sure I don't get burnt out!
  12. Reply's, Threads and Blogs all count towards the Post Count. Unless they're posted in a Section which doesn't count them. These Include: Welcome Plaza, Testing Forum, Everfree Planning, OOC & Discussion and the Cloudsdale Colosseum.
  13. Frozen The Unicorn

    Accidental Spam

    Report The Posts and a staff member should get to them :3 It's really not a problem! It happens all the time Edit: @cmarston1 Jobs Done!
  14. @WiiGuy2014 As long as you Download the File, and not just drag/copy it, The Gif should play. Too summerise You're looking and copying a cached version of the images originally made by Google, Pinterest, and other sites. When you copy that, it doesn't hold the animations. When you download the source file, it does.
  15. Hiya @WiiGuy2014 Just to clarify something, are you Copying the Gif and then pasting it in the post? or uploading the gif using the attachments?
  16. @A.V.@MegaSean45 Content aware priority filter fixed up the image
  17. Loving the Art Style. It's same but also different. DHX has outdone themselves once again @TilgorethEdited that photo to remove ponies which won't have a major role in the film. That way we can focus on the mane six Important ones @MegaSean45 Fixed.
  18. Let's think about it like this: 1. Poniville is on the Edge of the Everfree Forrest. The Everfree is considered a haven for all sorts of monsters and creatures and is thought to be "Unnatural" by the residents of the town. The large amount of Magical Locations inside the Forrest: The Tree, the Cloning Mirror and the location of Zecora's shack all point to the Everfree being very magical of nature which likely influences the Monsters and Animals inside its borders. 2. The Mane Six live there. Most Monsters are going to have to defeat the "Elements of Harmony" which are literally cons
  19. Hey! This looks pretty Exciting Might try a One Shot! Who knows??!!?!?!?! I haven't written for a loooong time That being said, If anyone needs Editing or Proofreading help! Please PM me I'd love to read as many fics as I can Best of luck to everyone!
  20. giphy.gif

    1. Lightwing


      Sshhhh, it's fiiiine

      fite fite fite

  21. Frozen The Unicorn

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    @Lenny (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 💝☺ 𝒷αℕηe𝔻 𝐟Ỗг 𝕌𝔰Ⓘ𝐧ⓖ 𝕒 ˢ𝔱Ⓡά𝓃ⒼẸ 千ⓄⓃ𝐓 😂✌ ♥
  22. Frozen The Unicorn

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    @ImDaMisterL Banned for being 2 slow
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