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    Is this one of those situations that involves "ethics"? 'Cause I'm a cat, you know. I've never been very good at those.

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  2. If there's one thing Hasbro's good at is creating franchises with dedicated genwunners. Regardless of opinion, My Little Pony has always been a series about Magical Talking Horses. This is well beyond the scope of suspension of disbelief. Children are another story, but we adults know (At least I should hope) that Magical Talking Horses don't exist. The more horselike the ponies get, the more the art style is relying on our suspension of disbelief to be entertained. We know, by virtue of being cognitive (As well as the title) that we're watching a fictional animated series about Magical T
  3. The presence of a single bug is the presence of multiple bugs. To spot one is to spot infestation. To spot infestation means all is lost. Exterminatus.
  4. Krosp I

    Movies/TV Foreign Films

    Since there's a rather large interest in Japanese movies, I'll throw in a couple of them since most of us agree that Kurosawa is so much of a cinematographic god that his name is recognized by Chrome's spell check. If you like Kurosawa, check out: Director: Yoji Yamada The Twilight Samurai (2002)—A period piece set about two years before the Boshin War and the establishment of the Meiji Restoration. Iguchi Seibei is a low ranking samurai whose wife passed away and tends to the needs of his two young children and his ailing mother as well as his duties of his status, leaving him no time t
  5. Hello there. Heh, I remember you from the communism thread. I found it rather amusing how you were giving Wulfington a hard time but never gave me a rebuttal despite the bold things I was saying. Just curious, is all.

    1. Krosp I

      Krosp I

      I forgot most of what happened on the thread. I don't think I called you out because you didn't seem like a hypocrite. usually, I don't really care about what a person's ideals are, but I do get pretty pissy if their conviction to their ideals are shaky.

    2. aoEAF2FBvC0MIo2Q


      Thanks. I do try to stay consistent. Too bad it seems like people are too divided to really work towards something together. To what extent that applies, I don't really know.

  6. Samurai Jack Thundercats (2011) Swat KATS Megas XLR Code Lyoko Teen Titans Dan vs. Mission Hill (twice) Hey Arnold! (Twice! Lost the movie, too) Sonic the Hedgehog Rugrats Anime in the US: The Big O The entire Dot Hack series Yu Yu Hakosho Naruto Shippuden (Not too much of a fan, but it's hilarious how Disney picked it up, didn't realize it involved brutally killing a man with four hearts, they made it disappear and never spoke of it again) Sailor Moon (Every. Time.)
  7. When the little hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I knew a thread like this formed! :3 I ask of you: What of us who watch the show and are not Bronies?
  8. You'd think spending a lot of time around you guys would drive a good friend to hate the lot of you. But we're just great~! After all, I only hate most of you.
  9. @@KoGy, the world is a library. You just need to use it.
  10. Neutrality. You keep using that word... What I think really raises my hackles is the sort of use of neutrality as a justification of apathy when it comes to existing as a society rather than just where you stand. I know where you stand: You don't. Read: I don't have an opinion. Did you know the largest voter turnout in the United States' Presidential Election was in 1876 between Rutherford B, Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden. The percentage? 81.8%. We haven't gone above a 60% turnout since 1968. Since then we've averaged at just over half. Congressional and local elections fare
  11. The amount of bellyaching in this thread has given me an ulcer. Normally, I'd chalk things like this off to the Internet being the internet, Poe's Law and all that nonsense, but I have no reason to believe that the fair majority of you are actually bitching about Hasbro generating advertising revenue on their own intellectual property while simultaneously allowing for fan-created content (save for specific instances that breach copyright) to exist. Get them into trouble? What trouble? The trouble of a handful of fans with an unwarranted sense of importance withholding their burger-flippin
  12. I can smell the haterade on your breath through the interwebs. You can do the same individually for Look Before You Sleep, Feeling Pinkie Keen, A Dog and Pony Show, Green isn't Your Color, A Bird in the Hoof, Sisterhooves Social, The Cutie Pox, The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Family Appreciation Day, and MMMMystery on the Ponyville Express. ...In fact many people do ignore one or more of those. This probably isn't the most appropriate section of the forum to make this quip in, but John Calvin would like to have a word with you.
  13. Three-way tie between Phantasy Star Online, Final Fantasy XI and Katawa Shoujo. I think I spent the last three weeks solid in Yamaku.
  14. If I recall correctly, one of the most frightening scenes I remember as a child was either a youma or Jadeite had psychic control over a passenger airplane and was using it to run down the Senshi. They turned it back on him and for about 30 seconds it was the antagonist's terror of being killed by airplane.
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