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  1. Can't you ask Rainbow Dash why she switched sides, assuming that she's vocal?
  2. Sorry I left so suddenly, just had a lot going on lately. I'll be more active now, more or less, haha

  3. Ha, don't believe we've met, but I'm Gryphon Flight over there.
  4. Hey, I've seen you around on .Info, nice to see members from there elsewhere as well sometimes ^.^ Anyway, don't worry about letting tulpas speak on this thread. They have in the past (specifically Crepuscule) and I'm sure it'd still be fine now ^.^
  5. Nope. I just happen to enjoy the show and its characters, nothing more, though.
  6. To an extent, yes, but they can only use the knowledge of a host to do so. Let's say for example, 678 + 4078. Now, you might not know the answer offhand, just by looking at the problem, but a tulpa could possibly figure it out themselves using simple mental math. Of course, they couldn't use your knowledge to find out the meaning of life or whatever, but they can figure out simpler things.
  7. Welcome, welcome. Enjoy the forums!
  8. As long as given the chance and knowledge that she can deviate, she'll be fine. Don't let everything you read freak you out. Tulpas having eidetic memories is theorized but not proved. As they have so much access to the subC, it would make sense for them to easily pull things up from the past. My own tulpa, however, cannot. Metaphysics it is. I won't debate that with you, for I look at tulpas psychologically.
  9. That sounds really metaphysical, unless I misinterpret you. Are you stating that tulpas have the ability to physically interact with the environment once fully developed?
  10. Debates with tulpas are often good fun, as long as taken without hard feelings! I debate with Shira all the time, though we generally hold similar views on religion and politics. It could easily get heated, because while the host may dismiss religion as nothing, the tulpa might take interest and want to hold faith in said religion.
  11. Don't worry, there is no need to make a decision immediately. Some ponder the project for years before coming to a conclusion. My recommendation, do as much research as you can, know Tulpamancy well, and then make your decision.
  12. Oh yes, time indeed. Months, years, depending on what you plan to achieve. Tulpamancy is a lengthy project, which is why it needs careful thinking over and commitment.
  13. It's a big decision, and props to you for genuinely thinking about it before delving right in. I'd say, should you be realistically thinking about creating a tulpa, do your research. There are a few sites such as Tulpa.Info which will allow you to ask questions and do your research. The tulpa subreddit is also a good place and you'll probably recieve a quicker response to questions over there. Don't worry, there really is no wrong way to go about tulpamancy, as long as you don't jump in negatively and full of doubt. As long as you stay positive and treat your tulpa the way that you'd want to be treated, it'll likely go fine!
  14. That seems like quite the experience! Thanks for responding, I'll have to try a bit of lucid dreaming. Perhaps it will prove helpful with forcing along the way.