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  1. Them's Fightin' Herds Fan Club

    Normally tend to stray away from 2D fighters, but them's fighting herds is quite nice. Still no good at it tho Playing Arizona main.
  2. Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    It's a great improvement over the original game back from the ps2 with graphics and controls. Worth checking out on youtube to see if it's a game type that suits you. Action-adventure.
  3. Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    Shadow of the colossus: 2018 remake ps4
  4. Respond with an old meme.

    Go find a meme face more crazy than this.
  5. What Pokemon is the user above you?

    Ditto! All about that shapeshifting!
  6. How famous do you think you are on the forums?

    1 / 10 As I really don't have any MLP friends.
  7. Does anyone like Sassy Saddles?

    While watching the episode for the first time, I thought she would end up being a villain type.
  8. SFyr's Art Corner

    @SFyr I'm looking for a physical convention badge, but a digital portrait style with the name over it would suffice and the printing done here.
  9. Gaming Do you keep or sell your old consoles?

    Never have sold or threw out a old system before. Just stockpile them, you never know when you'll be bit by the nostalgia bug.
  10. What happens if the sirens go through the portal?

    The portal does not seem to be consistent, In the movie + comics mixed not every single pony that went through became human (Mane-iac). If the Dazzlings had use the portal, they would have just returned to their normal forms in equestria. As for their magic that was contained it was lost when the amulets were destroyed (Just as starswirl predicted), they would no-longer have the ability to feed on negativity and distrust.
  11. How long would you stay in Equestria for if you could?

    Forever and ever and ever....
  12. Who Is Your Favorite Princess

    Princess Luna /)^3^(\
  13. OC hate I need help understanding

    A lot of people make their OC's as pony versions of themselves, from style to personality. Your choice of Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus, Bat, Alicorn, ect... is for you to decide. Don't change your values because someone else disagrees with your choice to have a Alicorn OC.
  14. What are you currently doing right now?

    Watching Austin Powers on tv, drinking a rum and coke. While wasting time playing freemium games on the phone. And lastly browsing these forums trying to find a badge commission artist X_X
  15. Mega Thread Post All of Your Funny Pony Pictures Here!

    Halloween may have past but it's still relevant