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  1. @, "Well I guess I was wrong earlier. By the sounds of it this place, Beacon especially, has quite the night life. So I guess we head there now?" @, "Can't forget you now can we Ammy? If it wasn't for you I'd have a dent in my head right now. Thank you again for that miss. And lucky for you it seems as though your wish is coming true."
  2. @, "Hey, we're a team now. You won't have to face her alone, we got your back. You can handle yourself in a scruff, and you adapted well to the situation. Therefore I believe that you will be fit to lead us. Every team needs a leader, and I vote you. Anyone in opposition to this?" He asked, turning and looking at all of them with an eyebrow slightly raised.
  3. @, "Aye, a hunter is my chosen path. To Beacon Academy it is then. I would assume that we cannot simply walk in at this time, however. Perhaps we should go there in the morning. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not in Beacon yet, and I assume not just anyone can get in. How would I apply?" Jake slipped his weapons back into his sleeves and straightened his tie from the fight.
  4. @, "Cheers for the save miss, I'll try harder next time to deal with it myself." @, Jake turned to Elsis and held out his hand for a handshake. "I'm Jake. And yes, you are a bit late. You missed all the fun. Oh well. From what I can tell, this will be happening elsewhere too. Do you have any idea what this was all about? Obviously this was not just some simple robbery. This was planned. I have a feeling we may just bump into that dark lass again."
  5. Comet Starflash

    Searching RWBY Rp

    I apologise for my absence, I was incredibly busy over the holidays. I'm back now though, and I'll try to post regularly.
  6. "HA! It's as though she wants us to give up after having this much fun!" Jake flicked the small switches on the sides of his guns, causing the magazines to drop to the floor. He reached into his coat, taking two extended magazines out, and loading both guns one at a time. "In case you didn't see, you're outnumbered three to one. What's your plan here miss?"
  7. "Ay, I'm Jake. I see we aren't holding back any tricks, so I might as well join in." Jake flicked his wrists, throwing two matte black machine pistols into his hands. He turned to his right, then his left. There were two coming at him from either side, so he pushed off against the wall, flipping backwards out of their way pointing the guns out to his sides and pulling the triggers. It sprayed them down in their tracks. Jake stomped the ground, kicking one high into the air, before sliding underneath and kicking him as he fell. Using the dust in his boots, he ran and jumped on to a dust pla
  8. "I can see you can handle yourself, and tou have earned the right to not be called boy. However I am not going to let you have all the fun!" The young man began to run towards one of the many men who had stopped carrying the crates to deal with the current situation. His heart began to beat faster and faster, as everything around him seemed to slow down. He jumped up at the wall, and ran along the wall for a few steps before leaping off and planting his foot firmly into the man's jaw. The dust in his boots activated and froze the top half of his body as the young man used him as a springbo
  9. The young man went about his normal business. He had nothing better to do, and he had slept most of the day, so he was wide awake. He leaned against the wall and checked his boots. He had some dust vials, however he would need to get more fairly soon. He had nothing else to do, and he knew of a dust shop close by that would still be open at such a time. It was an easy decision to make, so he made it. Starting to walk down the road, he memorised thr route to the store, and remembered it was just a few blocks down, and then a right turn. He heard a slight commotion, then saw a bright flash. Eith
  10. Comet Starflash

    Searching RWBY Rp

    What is the setting here? Are we huntsmen/ huntress? Or are we students at beacon? In a group or on our own at the beginning? And do I have to wait for Summer_Breeze to post first?
  11. I actually love chocolate, but I don't like hot chocolate. Am I weird? Everyone else says I'm weird because of that... XD
  12. Comet Starflash

    Searching RWBY Rp

    @, Well, I'm not a very good leader role player... I could do Weiss? Or Blake. I suppose I could be better at Weiss, I find it easier to do that kind of upper class/ more posh than a darker personality.
  13. Comet Starflash

    Searching RWBY Rp

    @, No problem, just tell me which one you want me to play.
  14. Comet Starflash

    Searching RWBY Rp

    @, I don't mind playing one of them as well, if you wanted me to.
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